Tuesday, January 5, 2010

As Tex Stares over the Chena River.. It's Fudge he sees and he likes it..

Have I told you lately that the sunsets never truly get old here?? I am almost dreading the gaining of the light because I know that soon, these sunsets will be a thing of the past after awhile..

Each day.. around 2ish.. if your lucky enough.. you get to see this..

Isn't the big JC wonderul?

I went downtown today to show you some of the main parts of the city. See the thing with Fairbanks is there is little clusters of action going on. One over by the Johansen Expressway, which is your big box stores... WalMart, Old Navy, Lowes.. etc..

Then on Airport Way, which has the movie theatre and tons of shops and places to eat.

Then here.. Cushman, Noble, Lacey St's. which is technically "downtown".. Theres alot of big banks and business here. What's also cool about this area is theres alot of neat resturants and "Alaska" themed shops. Theres a great bookstore down here that I found when I was here last summer that I need to go find again!

Here is the Chena River Bridge, that runs along "downtown". For those of you with internet access, if you go to www.newsminer.com they have a web cam that is in front of there building. It's pointed exactly in this direction. I don't believe you can quite see the bridge on the camera, but the road you do see, goes right here. Theres a line of Alaska flags, which in the summer looks pretty amazing, in the winter.. well not so much.

Here is the other side. Now something to consider.. PEOPLE SNOW MACHINE ON THIS RIVER. Now.. I guess I am not to the "tough alaskan" girl status yet. But it kinda would creep me out to do that. I would constantly be thinking that there is a river under all that ice and snow. I've seen it. And it looks deep and not very nice.

I wouldn't want to fall in.

Heres Tex.. Ok, he's not really named that.. But he sits in a park in the middle of downtown. This park looks pretty sad in the winter, but in the summer, the flowers here would blow your mind. It's amazing all the colors. And its a place were all the homeless people like to come and drink cause theres alot of seating.. they can invite there friends over..

See.. no igloos.. cars and streets and buildings.. just like you..

I had to really use all of my super strength not to go to the Fudge Pot. I did. It was hard. And I failed.

There blueberry fudge is so good, it makes me want to cry. Tex would cry too, if he were not made of stone.

You can order on line at www.thefudgepot.com


  1. AWESOME! I like Tex, he's very strong looking. And of course, I love seeing pictures of such a far away land :)

  2. That awesome! I'm so glad you are sharing these pictures with us. I would have no idea what Alaska looks like otherwise :)

  3. Is Tex a hard man?? LOL! Lovely pics.

  4. Tex is part of the Unknown First Family. That statue is dedicated to "all families, past, present and future, and to the indomitable spirit of the people of Alaska's interior".

    If you ever want to take a walking tour of downtown Fairbanks, check out this website: www.acsyellowpages.com/fairbanks/tour/

    Some of the reference points have changed (for instance the log cabin across from the hotel is not the visitor center any longer), but for the most part it's pretty accurate.

    Also... sometime in May - just before tourism season starts up again - there will be a FREE MUSEUM DAY in Fairbanks. Do it! All of the museums, to include the little city museums that are hidden in basements and other historic buildings, are open and free to the public. So much history! My favorite museum is the Fairbanks Community Museum located in the historic City Hall Building at 5th and Cushman. There's also a museum in the basement of the old Courthouse Bldg at 3rd and Cushman. For a bit of history... walk behind that building and look up at the architecture. You'll see that there's a newer addition between the two taller end portions of the courthouse. That addition is now in the place which used to be an open courtyard. They used to do public hangings there! I bet there's some hauntings in that building! :P