Wednesday, January 20, 2010

On Hiatus for A Bit!!!---- BIG NEWS PENDING!

Ohhh my dearest friends..

BIG BIG BIG news in the VG household lately.. There is alot going on, there is a long that is going to change.. and WOW.. none of it I can share with you just yet.

But until then we are going on a tad bit of a hiatus from blogging.. Never fear loves, just a few days..until things settle down a bit.

At the Porch Swing will offically be back on Jan 27th, 2010.

As sooon as I can tell you of the changes, you will be the FIRST to know!

Keep me in your thoughts.. check back.. FOLLOW on facebook.. because our Alaska adventure could be changing for the better..

Love to you all..

AND It's getting lighter out! This is a GREAT THING.

Maybe that's why I'm so happy and hyper.