Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years at the North Pole

Here is Muffin our new Adopted Dog for New Years weekend.. Her family is off to Anchorage for a family visit and intrusted Muffin with us for a few days!

She is SO great. Quiet, loves to play, sleepy, tells you when she needs to go potty and is so adorable.. I'm gonna be SO SO SAD when she has to leave.

And that face! She has a little fang tooth that hangs out of her lip.. hahah she likes to growl and make people think she's mean but she isn't at all..

Anyways, not much has happened here.. it's been kinda quiet. It's currently -35 with a windchill of -50. And yesterday was much of the same. So it looks like I will probably be hanging out at home for another day.

The first few days of the new year have been like that. Slow.. and lazy.. curled up on the couch watching movies with Muffin.

Which is a great start to the new decade!

Hope this has been a great long weekend for everyone..

Happy 2010..!


  1. She's a cutie! It hasn't been quite that cold here in NJ but I have to be honest I got to mr.H's house on NYE and we haven't left the house since LOL lazy lazy lazy!

  2. Oh...I miss our little girl!! I'm so glad she's been good for you!!!

  3. Man that's cold! It was 7 here the other day and THAT was cold. Best to you in 2010!