Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's One Cold Bugger.

It’s a cold bugger here today friends. Finally we have officially hit -40 below in Fairbanks/North Pole, Alaska. And I think.. I have reached my threshold.

I had to pull out a coat today. I didn’t actually wear it.. But I pulled it out. -40 below frightens this ole farm girl.

When I left for work this morning I checked The Weather Channel. COM and it said -47. I think it fibs sometimes to the ACTUAL temps. I usually take The Weather Channel temps and minus like 5 degrees.. and most of the time that’s about right.

I do giggle a little when I watch TWC.. because they keep reporting on “THE ARCTIC BLAST!” That the south and Midwest are receiving..

I guess I just don’t see how that is news since that happens here preeeeeeetty much everyday.

I wonder what The Weather Channel would think if when they woke up one day it was -45 in Atlanta. I bet the whole town would have a cow.

Anyways, I will follow up later on tonight with some pictures of the ice fog. It’s real nice.


  1. Yeah, I guess compared to Alaska our "Arctic Blast" isn't really that arctic :-) Stay warm!

  2. Girly..your so funny! I hope this cold spell doesn't last too long....-20 will feel like..oh I don't know....amazing!!! :D

    I'm always amazed that our extreme weather NEVER makes the national news anywhere...not even a shout out!

  3. LOL, yesterday on Facebook I was making fun of all my lower 48 friends and family who were complaining about their "cold snap". I let them know that in Chandalar Lake AK it was -59 with a windchill of -69. They said yep, ok, they werent so cold, ROFL.

    Here in the Mat-Su we're not getting any extreme temps,just nasty wind.I sure would like some new snowfall though!

  4. Other things to do when it’s -40… only in Fairbanks!

  5. It's news here because it's killing crops and causing farmers to lose millions. We don't own warm enough clothes and many people don't even have heat in their homes. We aren't equipped to drive on ice. Our natural gas systems aren't equipped for this so pipes freeze and burst....it really is a serious situation for the South.