Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's Cold and Snowy..No good Pictures to take.. I am Irriated.. and well it's Sunday.. I have housework.

One thing that I want to say today...

If you don't like the situation that you are in. Change it. If you don't like how you look. Change it.

Take the first step.

Theres a HUGE world out there.

Long roads waiting for your self discovery. Places to be seen.. People to meet. Trials and tribulations to overcome.

That is life.

A long winding journey of mistakes and trouble.

But when you get to that point, when you realize that maybe the road your on isn't the right one... YOU have to be willing to make the turn.

Not blame others for what you have choosen to be your life.

Hubs and I were talking at dinner the other night about our journey to Fairbanks and how we were still kinda on the fence as to weither it felt like home yet.

And he said something that made me love him a hundred times over.

Moving to Alaska was probably the most impulsive, dumbest, craziest, most out landish, over budget, ca-ca mammy thing we had ever done.

But it was our dream and we stepped out and took a leap.

We aren't sure if it's gonna work out. We aren't sure if we are gonna move on someday, but at least we did it and it's done.

But to those who chastise me for doing something like this and saying "Well you dont have kids.. " or "Well your not that close to your family" or "I'm just not as brave as you.."

Well that's the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Weither I had kids or not, we would have packed them up and done the exact same thing. I am horribly close to my mother and not having her with in a 2000 mile radius kills me.

And the brave thing? It had or has nothing to do with being brave. I am as chicken shit as most people out there and EVERYDAY I pray to keep my head on straight for one more day.

I didn't like what life had to give me where I was. So I changed it. I had a problem and I corrected it.

My life is my life. Your life is your life. If you aren't happy.. Then do the math and get on with it. Don't use me as a guide wire for your success. You are upset, change it.

Get out there and see what the world has to offer you. Trust in god to make that right decision. If it's wrong.. THEN ITS WRONG! Move on to something else.. try every shoe out there til you find the right pair.

But stop complaining.

I'm getting older just listening.

(Ok, sorry all I had to vent). Love you, happy sunday.


  1. PRAISE GOD!! My thoughts EXACTLY! The whole "kids" thing drives me INSANE. Women act like their kids define everything about them, I feel bad for that. When I have kids, I will love them more than life but I will not revolve every waking moment around them. Don't get me started...ugggh.

    Although we didn't move THAT far's been a scary time for me (jobless) but I am SO glad I am here now. I will deal with whatever comes next and NEVER regret my decision!

  2. Hon, you will be ok. You are smart. you have a TON to offer.. and there will always be criminals out there. You have job security! You will find the right place for you to shine!

  3. Couldnt agree more! We have 3 kids and packed them up and headed to Alaska. Granted my kids were raised with a dad in the military for many yrs so they were used to moves, but we had lived in WA state for 7 yrs and that was their home. However, I didnt want to be 80 yrs old going "gee, if only we had..." or "what if we had moved to Alaska". It took me yrs to convince my husband to move to Alaska and as soon as he retired from the Navy I jumped at it! It hasnt been easy but we've rolled with the punches and for me, this is where I was meant to be. I can feel it through every ounce of my being. Life is too short to not follow your dreams.

  4. This blog makes me love you even more :)

  5. hehehe! Love how you closed that verbal spanking with "Love you"! Too cute and very true!

  6. GREAT post.

    - Lisa

  7. Hey Rox. I just wanted to say that you really do have a way at seeing things. I have begun to realize that after wanting a child for so many years, and now having a great, beautiful little girl, that I do live my life around her and I don't take care of myself the way I should. I wish that we could have re-connected before you left for Alaska. I know that you are in safe hands though. GOD is always watching and guiding you. Trust in HIM and stop saying that you are a chicken