Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Allllllllllllllllllllllaska.. where the Light Comes Sweeping Down the Plaiiiiiiiiiiiins..

Oh we are again! I am back.. did you miss me? Did you figure out what my news is yet..?? Well things have took another turn yet again.. and I sadly, don't quite have an announcement for you just yet. But I will though.. and hopefully very soon..

You know something.. the light brings alot of new hope here. It's amazing what the sparkle of sunlight does to the soul. I love how the snow lights up on the trees.. how you can see for miiiiiiiiiiles.. I love the the sun lifts the clouds and all you can see are mountains in the distance.

The sun brings the dawn of a new day.

Right now, the sun is up from about 9 til almost 5 everrrrrrrrrrrrryday. It's amazing. You really don't ever realize what the sun does for you til you've been without it for awhile. It helps.. it really does.

What I want to say in closing is that I am a very very very lucky girl. There are some really great people in my life and I feel like I am really blessed to have them.

I can't say that I would have gotten this far without them.

Firstly my husband. I've got one of the best husbands there is. We have talked over and over about how much this experience has strengthened our marriage. It has been hard and it has been life changing. But for the simple fact that our marriage has been better for it, it has all been worth it.

Jeff and Amy.. What an amazing couple. I met Amy over at Cathy's "Keepin it Real" blog all about life in Kotz.. We started emailing and chatting.. and started an amazing friendship. Amy has been a constant source of support and encouragement. She has always believed in us and believed we could succeed here. Jeff and Amy have been such amazing friends.. and have helped us in unbelieveable ways.

And they have a cute dog too!

My friend Holly.. I've never met a girl who is more intelligent, thoughtful and caring towards people. She has constantly pushed me to be better, to not give up and to achieve this crazy dream She has amazing sense of herself and she knows just how to keep me in check. I can tell her anything and she still loves me. What makes me sad is that when we went to school together we weren't better friends. I definately missed out on that and I'll always regret it. I treasure her friendship. I am in awe of her as a wife and I know that she will be an insanely wonderful mother.

My mommy. She's beyond what I deserve for a mother. I can not WAIT til she gets here this summer.

Ok.. so there it is...

That's all for now..

Soon there will be more..



  1. How sweet. I can't wait to hear about your news! And I'm glad the sun has kissed your soul!

  2. Awwwww *sniffle* that's so sweet! :) I'm so glad that I can be that person you need to push you a little more. Maybe not everybody is the type to pick up and move half way across the country - but you have to give your dreams a try - and I'm so glad you have! I don't know why we weren't better friends during college.... doesn't matter - we're good friends now! :) Love ya! xoxo

  3. We LOVE you guys!! I'm just amazed at how you two have taken everything that's happened in stride...your character has just shined through all of it!!
    Can't wait to hear some good news! :)

  4. You know you are killing me right? I have this NEED to know! Ü