Monday, December 28, 2009

Where is the Good Luck hiding..?

In the 5 months that we have lived here..

Things.. have been hard.. Whatever could have gone wrong has, whatever could be hard has been 10 times harder. I am sure that you would say "Well that's life Rocksee" get your big girl panties on and get going.

I just wish that things would be a little easier. They don't have to be awesome or perfect or sunshine and lollypops. But just a break, please god? A break?

I'm sure that might be too much to ask.

Hub's job has been less than stellar since he started. He's tried SO hard. Gosh he has. Primarily because he didn't want to let me down. He had a hard time trying to get a job when we first got here and once he had this job, he wanted to keep it. Even though I know that it has been a horrible situation for him.

It is very stressful, very demanding and very complex job, which he's tried very hard to learn all that's needed to be successful.

There is a constant hammer of pressure to understand things he's never been a part of and to do them without any errors.

At the beginning he knew there would be a test at the end of his first two months. He's stressed about this test since he started. My darling husband is not the test taker. He puts so much stress on himself that he can't sit down and take tests on things that in real life he knows inside and out.

Something that we both have in common.

I know that this job makes him sad. I know that he will probably get fired because he failed this test.

But... I don't care. I love him and I'm proud of him. I just want to see him smile again. I want him to be happy. Jobs aren't worth this.

So we will survive. We will keep on trying, we will keep on trying to make this work.

But I just wish I could find where that good luck is hiding..


  1.'s been so tough for him and he has stuck that sucker out!! Your hubs has character and anyone else may have quit a long time ago....maybe this is a blessing in disguise??? Praying for you guys and if this is the end for that job, then maybe something better is around the corner. Love ya girlie!

  2. Aww, I sure hope he finds something that makes him happy! That is the most important thing. My husband is the same way..he is just not a good test taker.

    I can relate to the good luck thing hiding. There is too much to list what has happened, but some days I feel like I am being punished for moving to Alaska and following my dream! I've experinced more heartache the last 2 yrs than ever before. While it would have happened no matter where I was living, I cant help but feel guilty for being here and so far away from the other things.

    Hang in there girl, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

  3. Come on and join us out here on the gravel spit! We got jobs in Kotzebue :)

  4. I hope you can find it. I'm sorry it has been so hard for you two.

  5. See, when I read this I think "How bad can things be, they HAVE jobs". I, on the other hand, do not...yet. BUT, I can tell you again that you BOTH are VERY brave, admirable, AWESOME people. To do what you have done and remain positive like you do...I wish NOTHING but good things for you two in 2010!! And, I WILL get a job ;)

  6. You are right Jobs should not do that to a person. Its just a job for gosh sake. Not like he is a brain surgeon.I think I would make demands from them. It will get better because it HAS too! I belive that. And you know what, screw the big girl panties, sometimes a girls has just gotta whine!

  7. Ahhhh... so sorry to hear how rough it's been for you. But you guys keep your heads up. That luck will be around one of these corners yet... just keep your eyes open so you see it.

  8. If you find it let me know. We've misplaced ours also. Remember to look for the little blessings Rocks. They make it worth it, even when you forget to notice them. xo

  9. He may have failed the test at work, but as far as the test of your marriage goes- you are both passing with flying color. Keep loving and supporting each other!

  10. I hope things take a turn for you. It is good that he's got you!