Saturday, December 12, 2009

Value Village, A ride down the Richardson, Sparky Makes an Appearance

Well another day has come and gone in Interior AK..

I promised you a picture of heaven... and here it is..

Yes.. ladies, gents.. it is Value Village.. a mecca of all things awesome.
I will sum Value Village up to you in this way. I went there yesterday and bought 4 American Eagle shirts, 2 pairs of Old Navy pants, 5 Eddie Bauer shirts for my husband, and 2 Old Navy sweatshirts.

All looking very brand new.

For 70.00.

Yes.. that's right 70.00

One of the American Eagle shirts I bought was a sweatshirt which you can buy from American Eagle in Fairbanks for 50.00

And that's for one sweatshirt.

But for 25.00 more I got that plus 16 trillon other things.

Yes Ladies.. Value Village is love.

Today I headed into town for a Pampered Chef party at my friend Amy's house. The Richardson highway was busy heading towards North Pole, as this weekend you can get into the ice park in my fair city for FREE. That's right.. FREE. Santa's feeling mighty generous.

The Richardson is not a highway to mess around on, as the locals get might upset when one starts to lolly gag. Thus holding up there usual 75 mph speeding. (speed limit is 55) So my taking pictures on the way into Fairbanks while driving is not only dangerous, but annoying the locals.

I drive this highway everyday to and from work.

It is, at the very least the vain of my existance.

I took the long way to my friend Amy's so I could show you a very real part of Fairbanks/Interior AK life. Smog.

It's everywhere. This photo was taken just near the Cushman business area downtown near obviously Denali State Bank.

Everyday this week we have had a "Air Quaility Advisory" basically saying that the air was unhealthy to be taking be ole whifs of.

Well here is why. Basically to make a very long story short, due to the way homes, business's and other things have to be heated here, smog has to happen. We have no other way as of yet for heating. Heating oil is burned, thus causing a giant smoke stack in the sky.

Another part in this is the fact that when it is -45 outside and say you have to go to the store, you must keep your car running in the parking lot in order to keep it warm and able to keep on functioning. As there isn't a plug in (as we discussed yesterday) around every corner. Sometimes you go to the grocery store for say an hour and a half.. at -45 alot can happen in 90 minutes. Keeping your car on is just a part of life here.

AND you go through a ridiculous amount of gas.


A view from North Pole.. Down my street. Apparently these people haven't heard how expensive power is here? ..

But it is North Pole and one must be in the Christmas spirit. It is our jobs as North Poleyen's.. They are just doing there part.

Did you see North Pole on Diner's Drive-In's and Dives last week?? I think our town did fantastically..

And if you are ever in North Pole Alaska, I hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhighly suggest eating at Pagoda. It will blow your mind. It's on a whole other Chinese level. Benny,the owner, rocks it out.. Right here in Santaland.

I told you I would get a picture of Sparky, AKA CUJO.

See his glowing eyes? It isn't the flash. He is the devil. He peers out the window of his apartment, next to ours and scares people who come up the walk.

Bad dog.

Another scene from in front of our apartment.

I find this funny as grilling won't be happening for about 7 more months.

Summer is definately over.

I figure since my momma reads this, I should close with a daily dose of mauh. Yes I am pale, but no, not dead.

I was trying to get our christmas tree in there.. but failed.

I am still new at being a North Poleyen..


  1. and my eye shadow isn't so WWE in real life. Not sure why the picture make's me look so cartoonish!

  2. A refreshing tour! Good to see you writing again :)

    PS I heart Value Village. Unfortunately they don't have them in CA. :(

  3. From a Fairbanksan to a North Poleyen.....I LOVE YA!
    And....I'm so glad you came today! Would love to see your face more often!!! :)

  4. Thanks for letting us see Alaska! I am seriously curious so keep the pics coming! And, you DON'T look pale or like you have weird eye shadow. At least you know HOW to put your make-up on, I'm 32 and still haven't a CLUE!

  5. I couldn't live in that cold! I'm freezing just reading about it. lol

  6. So glad you're posting again. It's how I know you haven't frozen to death! Seriously, really enjoying learning about life above the lower 48.

  7. Oh man I really MISS value village! When you get to Anchorage the one on Dimond is great but the one off of Benson not so much.

    Also a GREAT restraunt in Fairbanks for beef is the Turtle Club. Yes really, The turtle club.I LOVED loved loved that place. Turtles everywhere!