Tuesday, December 29, 2009

this little alaskan life.

Another day has come and gone in the North Pole.. It's cold today. I don't think it got out of the -15 range all day. That's never a good sign.
It's slippery out on the roads. I mostly made a bee line to Fairbanks to work, worked 8 hours and came back home.

The sun was nice today. It always seems to be so many different colors when it's colder. It makes for a bright spot in the day. The sunsets are amazing, even if they are at 2 o'clock.

Not much happened today.. It was just another day. Not much to write about.. I'm not feeling especially witty. But can someone please tell me how bored you have to be to carve this out of your bushes?

Another only in Alaska I guess!


I hope that people don't take this blog sometimes as me being a whiner. This is what I wanted. This is my dream. But sometimes this has just been a straight up hill battle. Up hill in high heels. :)

I don't have alot of friends in Alaska. The few I have are WONDERFUL, but I sometimes feel like I'm not much of a friend back. So I turn here. This is indeed my diary. It's all I have to go to sometimes, where people don't judge me. They just let me talk.

We are very blessed to have gotten as far as we have here. Don't get me wrong, in 4 months we have come a long way.. But we'd love to just fly under the radar for awhile and not get slammed with roadblock after roadblock.

For now, Hubs still has his job and a sliver of his sanity. I hope something comes along for him that can be both secure and a good place for him to be.

He's a good guy.. and he deserves some happiness in his life.

Anyways, tommorrow.. is another day. And I will get up and put my chin up a tad higher and keep going.


AND AND AND.. we are going to have a photo expose on my new neighbor. OMG He and I are gonna THROW DOWN!

We are not friends.

And he's only been here a week.



  1. oh oh oh i can't wait to hear about the neighbor! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, I was thinking of you and your little Alaskan life :)

  2. I, too, can't wait to hear about the neighbor! Makes me kinda wish your "neighbor boy" from before you moved. Big hugs to you...and I agree--your hubby does deserve to be happy especially when it comes to his job. Keep on keepin' on girl... there's a reason why you're there, and I am certain it must be hard-- so come complain-whine-cry when you want to-- we don't mind "reading" about it... Now, that dinosaur bush--that's someone who needs to come clean my house if they have that much time on their hands. And 2 p.m. sunsets?!? I can't imagine... Must be crazee cool!