Friday, December 18, 2009


There is sooo much snow happening here! It’s SNOWED AND SNOWED AND SNOWED for two days. We aren’t getting as much as Valdez AK, which is getting hammered.. or even Anchorage for that matter, but it’s a lot. I’d venture to guess we have had close to a foot. Maybe less.. I dunno..

But there are tons and tons and tons of pictures to share.

Oh and it's -20 right now.. I"m just saying!

More coming tonight!


  1. Yeah for snow!! We got close to 2 ft at my place and I am SO excited. The Husband wasnt so thrilled, as he commutes from our place to Eagle River, about an hr commute in good weather, but I loved the 4 days of snowfall!

  2. Wow... I woke up to everything white with frost. We still have snow from last week, but it is so beautiful when the trees are covered in frost. I hope you are enjoying it!?

  3. -20 ?????? Oh. My. God. I'M just saying.

  4. That ruins my whole, too cold to snow theory. Wow, enjoy!