Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pretty Trees.. Darkness.. and What do you Want..?

Well I couldn't leave you without something to look at today. This tree is out in front of my apartment. When it snow's it's especially beautiful. I love it. I think it looks very majestic. However, Sparky, the evil CUJO of dogs next door, pees on it alot. I am sure that it will wilt and die due to Sparky's devil pee.

He is a evil terrible dog. He will not be rewarded for all his random pee shootings in dog heaven, I am sure of this. And he BARKS ALL NIGHT LONG.

I will try and get a picture of him soon. VERY SOON.

Bad Dog.

So it's getting darker. I hear that Barrow, Alaska is completely dark now. All the time. And I could believe it. Right now, the sun goes up about 10ish and as soon as its in the air, WHAM! It goes right back down. I'd say by a solid 2:45pm it's about this dark.. maybe a little darker. So that's what about 4 or so hours of light a day?? I didn't think it would be to bad.. and it's not. By the time I go to lunch at 1 the sun is starting to set so it's REALLY bright for that hour and then as soon as I get back it goes down. So I get my daily dose of vitamin D and I don't really need a happy light, at least yet anyway.

happy lights make you happy when it's dark. Cause aparently when you don't see enough sunlight in a day you turn crazy. That must have been my problem for the past 10 years!

Finally an answer. See I knew there was a reason and I wasn't truly off my rocker..
Read all about HAPPY LIGHTS here..:

It's pretty interesting. If that's not something you've ever heard of before. So basically all non-Alaskans.

Anyways, I found a blog on another blog that I frequent that really really REALLLY got me totally energized about blogging and journalling again. I what this site to be Alaska for you. Alaska through my eyes and my pictures. A new person experiencing Alaska for the first time. I want to fill this with things you wanna know.

So let me know and keep in touch... I'll have my camera near by and ready.

Oh.. and I really like The Script.. "Breakeven".. what a great song.

AND I had to get up early today. like 5:00am. What is that about? I didn't like that at all.. I woke up earlier than the moose. So now I need to go tosleep.


  1. I think the idea of bringing Alaska to us is wonderful. I get to experience Alaska, while staying warm down in Sunny Florida! ha ha ha (LOVE the pictures, especially the first one!)

  2. I would be crazy with that much dark!

  3. Uhm...ahem...we have three hours of daylight! :) But its like three hours of light, and an hour on either side of BEAUTIFUL sunrise/sunset! Like as in, pink, purple, green, blue, etc! So, I'm not complaining cause it happens RIGHT outside my huge window in the office from about 11am until 4:00 p.m.!

  4. Wow, I could not deal with that much darkness, and the opposite would really mess me up!