Monday, December 14, 2009

Never Stray from your Comfort Zone; Misleading Temps and Ice Fog captures the World!

It's been cold in North Pole, AK lately folks. Seems all that nice weather that we were having is long over. This brings me to an interesting observation of Interior Alaska life.

Not one. And I repeat NOT ONE temperature gauge in this city, Fairbanks or in interior Alaska is the same. Not one.

Remember when you were younger and there was one main clock on the main drag? Told the time and the temp. You lived and died by this. In Peabody, Kansas we called it the "bank clock" because obviously enough it was at the bank, on the corner in the busiest part of town. (If Peabody actually had a busy part)

But here there are time and temp clocks EVERYWHERE. And none tell the same tale. I mean obviously, it's cold. Obviously. But I'd just like to have a general idea of what it actually is. See below. This clock at Key Bank is one direction in a parking lot. If you turn around you get the second clock. WHICH IS RIGHT ACROSS THE ROAD. You can not tell me that there is some sort of metorlogical breaktrough going on in Interior Alaska to create a totally different temp right across the road.

After I became dizzy with turning around and around looking at temps in the grocery store parking lot in the -whateveritis weather, I decided the coffee is in order. One thing to note in Alaska, we are coffee drinkers. MAJOR coffee drinkers.


Ok, well I will tell you, I was a taaaaaaaaaaaaaad into coffee before I got here, but it has only grown and become a monster since I have arrived.. SO many choices. I love it.

I go to one main place in North Pole, Polar Expresso. I love the place. The girls are great, they KNOW how to make coffee and they serve genuine North Pole Coffee Co coffee. It rocks my world.

But since I just wrote a blog about getting out of my comfort zone, I decided to try this coffee stand by my house.

I will not name it here.

But it wasn't good. I ordered an Americano after waiting 5 minutes in a line of just me. There were 4 girls inside the shack. None of which knew anything about Americanos or how to make them.

I asked for a shot of Peppermint and two Splenda. Simple enough.

What I got was ground up shoe bottoms. No Peppermint, No Splenda and No hint of anything resemibiling an Americano.

I will not go back. All I have to do at the Polar is drive up. She knows what I want and is already starting on it when I pull in.

To be loved!

It Snowed today.


Big fat flakes. Lower 48'ers, did you know that snow here looks like cotton balls that have been pulled apart. It's amazing. light and fluffy and soft..

Heres an excellent example of "ice fog". This is a somewhat well traveled intersection.. but do you see how the exhaust is just sort of hanging there?? That's because when the exhaust cames out the cold SUCKS all the moisture out and creates this foggy cloud that hangs in the air for awhile before it disappears. As it gets colder it gets worse. The exhaust is heavier and stays in the air longer. It's hard to drive down a highway when this happens because there is so many cars at the same time.

Think the worst fog ever that you have driven through and times it by like 80 trillion.

That's ice fog.

Amazing huh?

You betcha it is.


  1. You turd. You're channeling your inner Sarah Palin aren't ya?

  2. Woo-Hoo! More pics, I love it!

    The air quality there bugs me. When I think of Alaska I do NOT think of bad air! I mean, in "Men In Trees" the air was spic and span, what gives?? (Could be that it wasn't filmed there :)

  3. I love your posts. You always remind me of the things I miss and dont miss.Lol. The first thing I did when we found out we were moving here was look up coffee huts.Ü.No one does coffee like Alaskans!