Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mother Palin has Landed! Too Tired.. Laundry Wars

So did I tell you that Sarah Palin came here this very day to sign books of her amazing work of literary art, "Going Rogue". (hince the sarcasm)

Apparently Sarah thought the best way to cap off her very odd, very closed off book signing tour was to go to Alaska's own Air Force bases and sign some books at the PX. Well my husband works at one of those said places.. and thought there could be a chance of meeting Alaska's most famous lady.

But alas.. time did not permit. Sarah must have left her watch over in Wasilla. Bubby said all he saw was a flash of a limo and some other vehicles buzzing down the main drag. No stopping. No meeting. I think my husband was a little bit crushed.

My husband doesn't agree with Sarah Palin. Neither do I. But I am from the Lower 48. I am not Alaskan. I will not judge what Alaskan's think of other Alaskan's. To each his own.

I learned long ago that there are two topics that I only discuss with my husband and that is politics and religion. I don't force what I believe on anyone but him, cause he's legally bound to listen to me. :) But I do believe that Sarah Palin is someone. She is. As much as some hate to admit it, she has done something crazy to this world and that's a good opprotunity to meet someone and expand your horizons. For the record though I am glad Sean Parnell is the govenor now. Just my opinion. ________________________________________________________________________________

Someone.. and we won't say who.. (AHHEMM number 11) took 6 1/2 hrs to do there laundry today. 6 solid hours. I am so behind on house work. I even took some great pictures today to give you. But Alas, I am too tired and to behind to upload and fix them all. Theres always tommorrow.

An Alaskan housewife's work never ends.

But until then, how about a video from our drive to Alaska.. Muncho Lake BC. oxox

Now you can finally hear my oooooo so seductive voice.. haha..


  1. Well...that's a bummer about hubs not getting a chance to meet her- just to be able to say that he did! :)
    And your voice....funny you mention that, cause when I read your blog now, I can "hear" you talking!!! Cause you're my real life friend now!!!

  2. Love it! VERY pretty!! And I LOVE the Damien Rice cover of Prince!!

  3. "he's legally bound to listen to me"

    The Dr Pepper on my keyboard thanks you. : )

    VERY pretty lake! I like that you're sharing more of Alaska!

  4. "He's legally bound to listen to me." I like that! lol

  5. Yep, now that I heard your voice for reals, you're my real life homey. :)