Monday, December 21, 2009

The Light is Coming..!! The Light is Coming..!!!..

Today marks Winter Solistice. A time to celebrate for an Alaskan, as we start to gain daylight with each passing day. We will go from about 3 1/2 hours currently, to a full day of bright sunshine by summer.

I never thought, really, that I would be celebrating light.

I mean who would have thought that people actually get into that? But when you live here and your actually mesmerized by the small amount of daylight that does comes, well it is almost like Christmas before Christmas actually is here!

What I didn't realize is how easy it has been. I thought living in a place were it was dark 80-90 percent of the day for several months would be difficult. But actually, it's been great. I love the darkness. I love the cold and the darkness. It equals staying in and curling up. Getting warm and cozy in the covers..

We never had an excuse to do that before and now we do!

I loved the sunsets that the darkness provided..

But what I am happy about is that with each few minutes that we gain everyday, I will get to show you more of Alaska.. and all it's beauty!

Happy Winter Solistice!


  1. Hahahaha I remember when I first moved there I thought people were nuts. Then I discovered the big deal about counting the minutes gained or lost in light and I started doing it too!

  2. The light is coming....hahaha! love it! :) So true, so true! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

  3. I just returned from a Winter Solstice celebration. It was quite lovely and while I love all the decorative lights of December, I love that we are now headed into longer days. And I don't even live in Alaska!

  4. So how much will you actually have in the summer? Same as us? It's so interesting to me, I find myself wanting to move somewhere unique like that. So cool...

  5. and we just had our summer solstice. i'm so glad to have a blog friend who now lives in alaska who can share all these amazing scenes with me!