Friday, December 11, 2009

cheechako ramblings, sunsets and the chena

So the first thing you should know about being a new alaskan or "cheechako" is that nothing comes easy. NOTHING. Remember how I told you how some people have to haul water just to be able to have drinking water or water to shower in?? Well some people have to call to have fuel delivered for heat. You don't just turn the nob here.

It's all tougher in Alaska.. (pardon the pun)

Something I guess that is an adjustment for me is that at home.. Even if it was cold, I would just get into my car and go. No warming it up or anything. In and Out. I was mostly 2 to 3 blocks from my job and or anything else I needed. In Alaska, things aren't that easy. First of all, most people... a vast majority of people have to commute some distance to get to Fairbanks for work. I know some people who drive all the way here from Delta Junction for work.. and that's 100 miles away!! So there is no getting up a half hour before work and heading out. I must, yes.. I know.. it's shocking..

get up early.

I must plan.

I must warm up the car.

But what has taken alot of practice and getting used to is the idea of "plugging in". Now before you say.. "Rocksee why do you have a plug on your car? Is it electric?" Trust me.. I've heard that joke before.

Plugging in your car means that you are connecting your car's oil pan heater, battery blanknet etc and making sure that your fluids will not freeze. At -60 friends, a car will do some very wicked things. So.. you are making this happen by plugging into a outlet which is outside of your home. This outlet and your car plug in are connected by a giant extention cord which should be rated for very cold conditions. You don't want to use some extention cord that you'd plug in inside.

Now do you see that light on in the plug.. that's called a dummy light. Because just because you are plugging in, doesn't mean there is a connection. When theres a light.. there is power.

No, you do not need to plug in all night. 2 to 3 hours will suffice. Some people think that they must plug in all the time.. Sorry.. But you don't. Power isn't cheap in Alaska.

So today I wanted to show you a few sunsets. Yes that's right.. SET's.. this was at approx 1pm in the first picture.

and the second, about 30 minutes later..

Today we had less than 4 hours worth of light. That isnt alot when you think of how long it stays light in the lower 48. Thats not alot of time to take alot of pictures.

But I did.. and I decided to go to some of the places that I love..

Namely the Chena River..

It's beautiful here don't you think?

When B and I first came here to visit our hotel was just across that hedge row in the picture..

And I've been in love with the Chena ever since.. It's beautiful isn't it??

I thought about going out on the bridge to get you guys a picture.

But me and bridges that sway don't get along.

I love you all. But not that much.

Tommorrow: Value Village is love.


  1. Sean and I just watched some Cop show in Alaska. Apparently you don't need a permit to carry a concealed weapon there? It was an AWESOME show. I told him how you worry about moose, not deer there ;)

  2. nope.. no cc here. EVERYONE has a gun.

  3. 50 below also makes parts of your car just fall off....literally....happened to us. So glad we're having a pretty mild winter so far. I'm loving your good to have you back and blogging girly!

  4. Wow - never thought about the cars and the cold!

    The pictures are beautiful, though :-)

  5. I don't need a light to know that you are no dummy. I found this fascinating.

  6. Good to be hearing from you regulary again! Beautiful pictures!