Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Partytime..

So last night I got all gussied up to go to our companies Christmas party. I wasn't really sure what to expect as the past place I worked, the Christmas party was about 50 people in a motel banquet room getting getting a tad.. well you know..Think more family reunion style than company party.

But that was partly what I loved about it. I was in a room full of people I knew and loved and cared about.

It was always a blast.

When our company party came around this year, I wasn't sure if I would even go. I know a handful of people who work there and I really didn't think it would be any fun. Hubs had to work, thus I wouldn't have a date and really.. I didn't feel like going and doing ANYTHING festive.

So I drove in the -25 below weather to the Westmark Hotel in Fairbanks, which I'd never been to before or seen the inside of.


When I finally found the place the room was beautiful..

I felt a tad underdressed as some people wore PROM dresses and like super classy stuff. That's just not me.

But it was a wonderful dinner with some very nice co workers. I've learned that meals here are always very good and veryyyyyy well thought out.

We had halibut and prime rib I think it was.. but it was wonderful.

I didn't stay for the dance, since I didn't have anyone to dance with.. But it was a good time..

I got back into my car and made the long cold trip back home..

I'm glad I went, but it made me miss my coworkers from home. oxoxox.


  1. Good for you for going. I have a hard time going places alone.
    Sorry you're missing home though! xoxo

  2. I'm glad you ended up having a good time. It can be quite intimidating, I know, but you are so brave. If you can pick up and move everything to Alaska, I KNEW you'd go to this party and have a decent time!

  3. Good for you for going. I have a hard time going places alone.
    Sorry you're missing home thoug
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