Sunday, December 6, 2009

All's Well on the Northern Front.

Well everyone I am checking in on my poorly neglected blog.. My friend Amy says she checks each and everyday to see if I've gotten back on the blog horse.. I seem keep on disapointing her everyday. It's not that I don't have things to write about.. but it's hard to get back into the habit. You know?

Everything is ok here with us. We are taking each day as it comes, as it's all you can do. We both have jobs, which we are still adjusting to. But each day we are blessed to be working and living in the place that we love.

B had to go to the hospital a week ago. He is ok, but I think he got to learn to calm down. Which we all know is easier said than done.

As far as Fairbanks, it's really warm here. I know that's crazy to say, but it's 20 degree's in December in ALASKA! That's pretty crazy. Theres been some negatives and a little snow, but according to the people I've met, it's not nearly what there should be this time of year.

Living this far away, you learn to really know who your friends are. I've met alot of really great people here.. but some disapoint you. It's sad, when you feel as though some people have turned there backs on you. It's a feeling that B and I both know too well.

But as long as we have each other, then we are doing ok.

Some good news though! My momma is coming this summer for a whole month. We haven't worked out the specfics yet.. but she's excited to come and we are excited to have her. We miss our momma.. both of us!

So.. we are still here.. and we are still pluggin away.

The picture I am leaving you with was one I took the other day on my lunch break. Sometimes I go to a place called Creamers Field to read my book during my lunch. It's a beaaaaaaaaaaautiful spot in Fairbanks to just relax and enjoy the view..

To my surprise... heres what I saw!


  1. Yay! I check everyday too. Glad to see a post from you!

  2. That's an awesome picture! :)
    Maybe it's a blessing that the weather is kind of mild so far...that way it doesn't make you pack up and move back to KS! :)

  3. made my day girlie!!! :) Thanks for the blog!! :)

  4. Glad to hear you're doing okay. Every move takes a lot of adjusting and one that's a drastic change, well, those take a bit more time. Cold is such a funny thing. The temperatures we experienced in Tahoe were often far lower than other places that felt far more frigid. I guess it has to do with how wet the cold is. Kinda mysterious.

    I loved the photos you shared. Hope you and your hubby have a wonderful holiday season.

  5. I'm so glad to hear from you. How fun that your mom gets to come for a month!

  6. Glad you are adjusting well. I know what it's like to pick up everything and start from scratch. I moved to Germany when I was 13. It was hard but as you said, one learns to adjust.
    That skier has a good idea there. Why do all the work yourself. lol

  7. I too check almost every day for an update...good to know you and yours are doing well!

  8. Nice to hear from you! Happy Holidays!!! I'm glad your mom is coming to visit next year.