Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: Tell me About YOURS!

Instead of going on and on about my year.. which you all have been drug through already, I wanna hear about yours.

SO.. here's what we are gonna do.

Tell me your #1 from 2009. What happened that totally ROCKED your socks off this year. What was the best part, what maded you the happiest..

You get the idea!

Then I wanna know what your gonna do to make 2010 the best year of your life.
Not a resolution persay, but what is going to happen that you already know.. or what do you want to make happen..

How are you gonna make this life, the best one..?

This blog is all about you. So we are gonna have an Oprah moment and chat it up!

My #1 from this year is getting closer with my husband. Moving to Alaska hasn't always been easy, but it has definately cemented my marriage. We were great before, but this has brought us to a whole nother level!

We picked up and drove 4000 miles and started a whole new life.

I don't think that I have ever been prouder to be my husbands wife. Hey that ryhmes!

I lub you hubbend!

What I am going to do to make 2010 better?

Well kids I'm gonna keep on keepin on. I'm gonna go and do wherever the wind takes me. I'm not going to loose sleep over small things that I can't change.

I'm gonna go and do and see and be the person that I got out of Kansas to be.

I'm gonna chill out and let go..

Laugh more.. bake more.. give more..

SO what about you?



  1. Dude, I have nothing! I mean, I didn't move a zillion miles away from home or anything! You did the BEST thing ever. Keep on keepin on for sure! :)

  2. hmmm, 2009 I became a partner in my mom's antiques shop and now run it pretty much by myself. So that is my number 1. Other than's been a LONG year and I am ready for 2010 to begin!!

  3. I had a baby! And she has been the best thing to happen ever. I waited a long time for her and she was definitely worth the wait.

  4. I started writing a novel and a screenplay AND I had a story published for the first time. Looking forward to selling the screenplay at a pitch fest in March. Fingers crossed.

  5. We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary! It was so fun to think back on our lovely day. No quite sure what I am looking forward to in 2010 but I am happy to see 2009 go, these last fes days were rough. I am just ready for a fresh start! Happy new year!

  6. Best in 2009, my niece was born 12/30! I can't even think ahead to 2010, I'm consumed with new baby!

  7. Welllll I'm going to be lazy and tell you to go to my blog to read my new years goals! And I wish you a wonderful 2010. xoxo

  8. I started working from home.

    2010 I want to learn to let things go.

  9. Best thing from 2009 was celebrating my 1st anniversary.... waited a long time for Mr. Right and so enjoy being his wifey. :)

    In 2010 I'm gonna do whatever it takes to make myself happy!