Sunday, November 8, 2009

Facebook/ -4 Shopping!

So I went shopping last night.. braving the winter temps and the ever so quickly closing darkness.. I felt pretty proud of myself.. going out not caring that it was -4. I just went and did my thing!
I wasn't even cold! I did leave my car on, cause I didn't want it to get cold and have to warm up again all over. I am sure it's not a good thing, but it felt nice getting in after I had froze to death putting in all my bags.
I just want to invite you all to join me on my facebook. I tend to update that a little more often. I wish I would update this as well.. but.. I just don't as often as I'd like.
Your welcome to join me! I'd love to have you!


  1. I wondered how things were going up there in the north. -4 is purdy dang cold alright. Are you just "Rocksee" on Facebook?

  2. Well you don't say how to find you?? I will gladly follow you :)

  3. Uh...3.34 for gas?? That SUCKS!

  4. Ugh it's negative 4 there already???
    It just snowed in Anchorage yesterday LoL.
    I'm not ready for it, but that's how mother nature works.

    If you plan on being in Alaska for awhile, you'll need to invest in auto start. It is so awesome!!

    Unfortunately, I need to go buy one for my truck coz it doesn't have one =[

    Stay warm!!!

  5. it is -4 where you are?!!?! it's like 40 here! wow!

  6. Hey You, you have an award over at my blog if you wish to receive it. I am not sure if you like to do the award thing.
    Sounds like you are enjoying Alaska now and I still am going to get there some day!