Monday, October 19, 2009

Winter's Humble Ramblings...

What I love about Alaska is the fact that you can see weather coming.

The sky is so expressive here, it amazes me that everyday you see something different. You can not only feel that it's going to snow, but see the sky pregnant with it. It overwhelms it.

The colors are so vibrant that you swear you haven't ever seen colors like that in your life.

The stars are brighter and closer.. You can actually reach out and touch them.

It's cold... but not freezing yet.. 23 today.. but it made me remember how last year in Kansas I was walking in the 15 degree weather to get ready for Alaska.. And it was SOOOO cold. But here, 15 degrees isn't the same as it is in Kansas.

For some freakish reason its warmer.

I'm warmer..

and ready for the winter..


  1. You're crazy, I'm freezing and its 69 :) Sounds beautiful though.

  2. I would love to see the sky up there. I hear it's like being at the top of the world. And the northern lights are can take pictures for us??

  3. ....and I'm in Florida in the 50-degree weather, freezing my @$$ off! =)

  4. I'm ready too! It was 28 in Michigan yesterday morning. I don't mind the winter. I don't even warm my car up and I don't mind scraping so much. LET IT SNOW!

  5. I used to try and tell people that the weather felt different and they would just laugh. But I SO agree with you.It is different.

  6. I love this post. :) Hope sometime you can catch a photo of the gorgeous clouds!

  7. Can you see the northern lights? Or does that just happen at certain times of the year?