Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rocksee's Top Ten Reasons Alaskan's Can't Drive..

1. Who need’s brake lights, when you don’t use them anyway?

2. 55 means, maybe if you want to go 75, that’s ok too.

3. 55 also means that if you don’t feel like going 55, you can just go 25 in the middle of the freeway. I mean who needs speed limits anyway.

4. If the yellow line in the middle of the road is dull and faded, it’s ok to just drive down the center. Yellow line, smellow line!

5. You must drive with your brights, moose lights and led overhead lights on. Middle of the day, night, it doesn’t matter who you blind.. A moose might be coming.

6.If you can’t juggle your coffee and cell phone in the car at the same time, while driving down the highway, well your just not Alaskan!

7. Your foot is automatically programmed to slam on the breaks as soon as you see a blacked out Alaska State Trooper car, who cares if the car behind you almost rear ends you.. You’ve got full coverage!

8. If you get into an accident in Fairbanks, be prepared to direct your own traffic, move the vehicles, tow your own car, and maybe even write the report.

9. Round-about’s are meant to be driven around at 60 miles an hour. Maybe we can tip over if we try really hard around the corners!!!

10. The drivers test is too hard anyways. Who needs a license?!?


  1. Ha ha! So funny! I hear you about those roundabouts - I think people drive crazily in those no matter where you go :-)

  2. Oh my, YIKES!

    I'd be a little afraid to drive there.

  3. So you're lovin' Alaska, huh? Very funny post!

  4. Hahahahaha, this is SO true! I've lived all across the US but the drivers here in AK are like nothing I've seen before. Did you also know that the emergency lane can be made into your own lane? Yep, thats right, if you dont feel like driving in the lane you should be in just drive in the emergency lane, every once in a while swerving back into the legal lane. And those double yellow lines? Doesnt mean a thing! Pass whenever the heck you want too! You've already lost your license 3x and have no insurance so who cares if ya wreck yet again.

  5. The driving down the middle of the road thing...haha. When we moved to big city east coast to small town west; we could not believe people actually drove that way!

    Funny Alaska! :)

  6. OMG! That's hilarious! Although it sounds like you could be in Oregon too... : )

  7. nice to see you're becoming familiar with the local ways!!!

  8. Sounds like a fun challenge :)