Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tackling the Ice Road...

So my friend Mandy and I love Ice Road Truckers... I mean really, who doesn't..?? So what's two girls to do on a Sunday afternoon in a town that is HOME of Ice Road Truckers.. than travel up the road that is the main character in our favorite weekly program..
The Dalton Highway..

We started off on our day greeted with wet Alaskan skies.. Our first stop on our groupie tour was the Hilltop Truckstop. This truckstop is actually on the Elliot Highway near the city of Fox. The Elliot eventually turns into the Dalton..

ANYWAYS.. This fuel stop/pie stop is a popular place for the local truckers and Carlile drivers.. theres actually a whole room sectioned off for "truckers only"..

Sorry guys, Lisa was not eating pie at the truck stop.
But I got a rad bumper sticker that said "I Brake for Pie".. I've already gotten sexually harrassed about that one.

So we eat our pie and our over cooked grilled chesse and head up the road...the grades get steeper, the road gets even more awful.. We head almost 60 miles straight UP a mountain.

As we reach the sign The James Dalton Highway.. (as we have seen MANY times on the show) we are less than giddy with excitement. We were almost thrown off the road by a Carlile driver who splashed us with so much mud and rocks from the road our car moved.

Coupled with the fog and rain and mud everywhere.. we couldn't see a thing.

So we drove and drove and drove some more.. watching the oil pipeline floating along beside us..

Nothing but goat trail and wild truckers pushing us off the road.

This went on for over 100 miles when we reached the Yukon River Bridge.. the longest bridge in Alaska.

We had had enough fighting of the wind and rain and the trucks and so we turned around.

We couldn't make it to the Arctic Circle.

100 miles short.
So close..

I don't think I could do this in the winter.. I guess my career as an Ice Road Trucker is over..


  1. I hate driving in the rain (thank goodness I live in San Diego)--I can't imagine driving on ice!

  2. Oh man! I am SO jealous! So you went over the beaver slide??? What about the roller coaster? Atigun pass?? 2 mile?? Ah, all of those places are firmly etched in my mind from the show. Too bad you didn't see Hugh "polar bear." Ha!
    The bridge...we saw a close one on the show with Jack...Okay, I'll be done now. : )

  3. That's one amazing drive. We were fortunate to have good weather the day we drove it- the views are just spectacular. We hope to one day continue past the Yukon River and head north of the Arctic Circle and do some camping in the Brooks Range. I LOVE THIS STATE!

  4. That is SO awesome that you guys did that! I'm actually pretty stinkin' jealous :-) That sounds like the kind of thing that I would do - just start driving on a Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, there aren't many cool roads or bridges or mountains like that here in Indiana!

  5. I love that show. Such a fun post!!! I dig the pics!

  6. Lol I will have to show oldest daughter and hubby your post!They will love the pics you put up.

    Little Lisa is a sweetheart. Oldest said so is Hugh from what Oldest tells me.

  7. I LOOOOOOVE that you went and did this! Hubz and I watch Ice Road Truckers religiously!!! =) ((And it's ok you didn't see Lisa... I would've rather seen Alex or the Polar Bear!!)) =) Thanks for the pics - I smiled the whole time I read this blog... maybe you and Mandy can try again next summer...?? =)

  8. How fun! You are practically famous. Definitely don't try it in the winter!

  9. SCary! I would not try. lol When are you going to post pics of your new place?

  10. What a exciting and fun but scary venture!

  11. That scares the crap out of me! I don't even like driving in the rain.

  12. Wow that road looks super slippery.....

  13. I just stumbled upon your blog via Inside Alaska's twitter, and spent a few minutes skimming some of your entries. First of all, welcome to AK! I've lived here 6 years now and love it.

    I wanted to post a link to my blog - and particularly my entry about our trip up the Dalton all the way to Prudhoe Bay this past June. You really should try to make the trip someday. You won't be disappointed!