Friday, September 11, 2009

And the Next Day Begins..

This week has a been a week full of challenges and heartbreak... bravery and determination... triumph and strong will.

Every year for the past 8 years I think about how lucky I am during this week. That I wasn't sitting at a desk on the 95th floor of the south tower one day 8 years ago. That I didn't run in with my fellow firemen and try to secure the north tower, only minutes before it crumbled on top of me.

I think about the people who never ever will have the chance to see there husbands and wives.. kids... do the jobs that they loved.. because of one day when we all went to work and came home different people.

I guess what makes me sad is that people have seemed to forget. They have forgotten the lives of thousands and thousands of people who will never see the light of day again. They have forgotten those families.. they have forgotten how scared we all were as the minutes rolled past. They forgot the lines at the gas station. The scared, uneven glances at our middle eastern neighbors and friends.

I don't forget that day because I choose not to. Each year.. I try to tell all of my friends how much I love them. Tell my family how great and amazing they are. I tell my self to remember ALL of the amazing things that I have been able to do in this life. I remember that god is giving me the gift of another year of waking up on September 12th.

This week in Alaska was a hard one. Struggling to make it in a new place, feeling sorry for myself.. my car broke down... we were getting low financially... but then today came. And as it does each year... it changes me. It makes me feel so selfish for drowning my sorrows in my problems, because at least I am lucky enough to have problems.. there is no reason for me to not be living each day I am given to the fullest because others don't have that opportunity.

Today I am thankful. Not only for my life.. but that at the early hours of this morning, more of the arctic's finest solders returned home... one of those carrying my very good friend. I am proud to know that one of my people served this country with honor.

So now it's September 12th.. what do we do.. ?

We start again.. We keep trying to figure out who we are as a country. Who we are as a family.. Who we are as individuals..

All we can do is stay the course.

God bless you and god bless our country.


  1. It seems too rare these days to find people that have constant perspective. I firmly believe that if you come from nothing, it's impossible NOT to appreciate the little things. Holding doors open, letting people in while driving, saying "bless you" to strangers, thanking store workers, and remembering everyday that you are more fortunate than some...even if you just have "a little". I'd MUCH RATHER have "a little" than not have perspective.

  2. sorry for your struggles. i also choose not to forget!

  3. I will never forget. It does sort of reset my priorities each year. God bless America and you!

  4. God Bless America! I to will not forget!

  5. Amen! Thank you for such a beautiful post! I will never forget that day either!