Friday, August 7, 2009

Nenana... the Saga Continues

I'm as frustrated as I can be.

I went to Nenana again today.. on the promise that the chef would be there, holding our key, waiting for us to come and move into our apartment.

Did that happen?


The chef wasn't there. When the nice housekeeping lady (Lance Mackey's sister in law no less) called him, he had no idea who we were and or why we would be needing an apartment.

He told her that she could open up a apartment for us, not any certain one and we could leave our stuff there... but we couldn't stay there.

We would just leave our stuff in a unlocked room in a building crawling with temporary wildland firemen?? Men and women who god bless them are doing a service to our state, but some who come from less than savory backgrounds..

Ahh no. Not that I have anything really worth stealing, but seriously, it's all I have. I'd like to keep it.

We tried for most of the afternoon and into the evening to try and find someone who knew what was going on.. Nobody did.

We called and called and called the director.. couldn't get ahold of him. Nobody there had any idea about the school or what we were doing there.

I left there late, upset, half crying... too late to wake my friend in Fairbanks, as she is running a marathon tommorrow and I think she's asleep.

So we had to get a hotel.. again.

Im so tired of living out of my car, sleeping in hotels and being in this limbo.

I just want to go home.

Wherever that is.

I miss having a home.

I guess I just maybe thought this would be easy. House, job.. all taken care of. But as they say, if it's too good to be true it probably is.

I talked to my friend who worked there and she was telling me about how some of the other workers are very religious, very strict, straight laced people. They don't like people who look or act in anyway not directed in the bible.

Nobody there has ever SEEN me ... I'm not a freak by any means, but we have talked about this before..

My tattoos.. My hair... How mouthy I am..??

Even if this situation gets worked out.. how long would they keep me? Most people judge first and ask questions later.

So I have decided to start applying again in Fairbanks. I had a line on a job here.. and I am going to go talk to the lady tommorrow. I don't have time to keep waiting on these people. I don't have time for schanagians. I need this to start working out for me and if I have to create my opprotunites, then that's what I will do.

But I am getting a little wary. I am praying for god to help me keep the faith in all of this. I made the move, like he said.. but Im praying he shows me what I'm supposed to do here.

I am sad. I am starting to loose faith. I'm feeling doubt.

But I will overcome. Im strong. I can do this.


  1. man that's tough!! im sorry u guys have had to go through this!! i hope things get better! keep that chin up!!

  2. How crappy that people will judge you that way. I have three tats so I know a little about that but they're not as visible. And your hair?! It's rockstar!! I WILL BE praying, hoping, and thinking good things for you...hope it all works out VERY soon!

  3. This kills - "I just want to go home. Wherever that is."
    Hang in there.

  4. yep, you are right you are strong and you can get through this, life if just giving you a curve, you can handle it! good luck in doing so!

  5. Oh, I'm so sorry!!! Keep the faith girl, even though it's hard... Something will come through. Big hugs to you!

  6. Hubs just had to fly in and out of fairbanks on the way to Pruhoe. He told me how crazy it is there.

    Maybe in all the craziness people are just getting lost. I hate to think they are judging you. I HATE the thought of that. You are such a sweetie.What a mistake they would be making.

    Remember girlfriend you are in the place of your dreams. it will all work out because it has to. There isnt any other choice. It just has to.Ü


  7. OH don't give up, you can do this! I can't imagine how incredibly frustrating it is right now, but you are tough and God has a plan. All easy for me to say, right? I know, none of that helps, but I will be praying you receive some tangible results soon!

  8. Welcome to Alaska dear! This is the tough part. People here can be extremely unprofessional! We've been dealing with this with Jeff's employer- would have thought we learned our lesson previously with other crappy employers. They get away with crap like that b/c it's "Alaska" and NO ONE holds them accountable! Don't give up, though! I want to have you guys over---expect a call from me soon! LOTS OF HUGS! And....don't sleep in your car anymore---you call me day or night and our house may be small, but there is room! I was up late last night- wish you would have called! And...we have room in our garage---dump your stuff off here- I'll keep it safe for you. And honey....if the people who work there judge you by your tattoos and hair...I would hardly call them Christians. Sometimes I just want to punch those "Christians" in the face! Maybe that's "un-Christian"--but that's just how I feel!

  9. Oh, no!! I haven't been by in a while -- crazy here at home, so I will have to go back and read the beginning of this saga!! I can't believe you went all the way up there and now stuck in your car! Poor Rocksee! I am praying for you girl! Hang in there!

    By the way, I am straitlaced religious person and I still love you!!!!

  10. I hope everything works out soon!!!!

  11. well, this sure is a test - one i'm sure you will pass with flying colours, and already you have an offer from a wonderful friend - i hope you take her up on it!

  12. Oh my word, good grief! I'm sorry that things are so crazy for you right now. I can't imagine how unbelievably frustrating it would be to drive all that way, only to have people treat you as they are. Know that your blog friends are all here for you. I think that your idea of looking into that job in Fairbanks again is a good one. It's always good to have a back-up plan :-)

  13. I really hope things start coming together for you. I will keep you in my prayers to not loose faith my bloggy friend!


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  15. I wanna leave a comment to tell you that you will be okay, you will make it!
    Also to say: Anonymous comments suck monkey butt.

  16. I agree MiMi! Anonymous- give yourself a name to stand behind if you are going to cut loose with out offering some encouraging words!

  17. Keep the faith! You'll see the light eventually. Just remember that He won't give you any more than you can handle.

    And know that all your blog friends are cheering you on from all over the place!!

  18. Do NOT give up. Do NOT be wary. Jesus was a "Birkenstock" wearing radical - I'm pretty sure he liked hemp jewelry as much as I do - so chin up ole gal! This'll be a story to tell the grandbabes one day!

  19. I'm praying for you too. I really hope this works out for you both.

  20. Faith is believing whole-haertedly in something unseen. Know it, believe it, and your faith will be strong. I know God will not toss you to the side. Close your eyes and feel His presence. He is with you and will provide for you. Pray that He will show you His will. I will be praying from here...I promise!