Friday, August 7, 2009

Fairbanks on Fire

Well we are here.. we have been camped out at my friend Mandy's house for 2 days now. God bless her, she just rolls with the punches and doesn't mind us shackin up at her house.

Let me catch you up. Current Fairbanks and the surrounding area is basically on fire. There are three very large wildfires in the forests around the area, cause the worst smoke in the city that you could imagine.

Like for instants say you could see down to the end of your car. And that's it.

It rained yesterday which I think for the lower lying areas, helped with the smoke. However, we went to Nenana AK yesterday to check out our apartment. And getting there was QUITE the chore.

Once you got started it wasn't bad, but as you climbed into the mountains it was awful. Visability was maybe 5 feet. It was just so thick and heavy and stinky.. it was everywhere. We had to drive 50 miles to Nenana at about 10 mph.

When we got there and to our job, it was over ran by firemen. I mean from EVERYWHERE. There was so many firemen just in the building, I would be shocked to see how many where actually out fighting fires.

Well nobody seemed to know who we were or who our boss was. I tried to tell them it was the man who is letting you stay here.. but nobody knew anything.

We tried to get into our apartment for almost an hour and gave up and came home.

But we did find out that due to the fires school has been postponed til Aug 28th. Which means no job or money for us til then.


And at that point we thought we would be homeless til then. I'm SO over living out of my car.

However another friend of ours found out where the keys to the apartment were and that it was ok for us to go there today.

So we are going to try it once more.

I'm starting to get frustrated.


  1. I'm glad/hoping you can see your new digs today, and praying for the fires to die.
    Your readers want to know if you hauled a trailer full of furniture, or are you getting a furnished apartment?
    We want more info on your new home. I know you do too!
    I'm glad/hoping you can see your new digs today, and praying for the fires to die.

  2. Oh gosh VERY frustrating. I hope you are able to get settled in.

  3. WOW! I hope things get on track for ya! It is good that you know some people there but I hope you can meet your boss and get you apartment soon!


  4. So....we drove through Nenana today and took a quick spin through downtown on the way back to Fairbanks and that was ONE QUICK SPIN! haha! :) It's a cute little town!
    Bummer about the job......I'm sure you are SO anxious to get settled! It seems like things like that happen frequently here in is just crazy here sometimes.

  5. Keep your chin up and I also am hoping you got to get in to your apt.
    Can't wait to see some pictures...

  6. be cool - unlike the fires! hang in there :)

  7. Oh Man! That stinks. I have been in a fire like that in a city before. In Colo Sprgs, CO. It was awful. You couldn't see anything. It's scary. I pray it will get better for yall.

    I left an award for you on my blog. I know you've been busy so no rush. Just wanted you to know it's been good getting to know ya. Have a great weekend!

  8. It's gonna be worth it once you get in there! I can't wait to see pictures!

  9. Crap! I don't even know what to say, I'm sorry it's not starting well so far.