Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 5 & 6-- Whitehorse Yukon

Yesterday we drove and drove and drove...

and then we drove and drove and drove somemore.

Our goal yesterday was to get to Watson Lake, Yukon and stop for the night. 600 miles of good driving.

We drove through the Canadian Rockies.. it was beautiful. But it was VERY scary. That is some advanced driving if I have ever seen it. Hairpin turns, cliffs that have no gard rails, Canadian's who don't believe there is any such thing as speed limits... oh my it was crazy.

It rained.. and poured and rained... Most of the beautiful scenic pictures were clouded over by rain clouds and smoke from the wild fires in British Columbia and the Yukon.

So our progress got slower and slower as the rain got thicker and thicker.

But Hubs god bless him.. made it happen.

I saw a baby bear!! Tons of buffalo, some moosey's and some sheep. One cool thing is that we saw a movement on a bridge about 2 miles up ahead.. and guess what it was???

Wild horses! Holy moly!

We went by a place called Muncho Lake.. Seriously ya'll you need to google some pictures of this place.. the emerald green and blue water is just amazing..

Some peace in a hard drive.

So anyways we made it to Watson Lake at 10 pm. Come to find out of the 4 hotels that were open all will booked, 3 closed at 9 pm and the 24 hr one was so packed you couldn't get into the driveway.

There were tons of people sleeping in there cars on the parking lot.

So we decided to drive on.

We got about 20 miles when the rain and smoke was just too much. We found a rest area, where some of the cars we had been traveling with were parked.

Now... heres the thing.. I'm not too good to sleep in the car.. but our car was SO packed.. you couldn't move. You could barely sit comfortably let alone stretch out or rest in some kind of comfy fashion.

We slept for about 3 hours and drove on..

Got to Teslin YT hoping for some food.

We were sorryly mistaken. Everything was closed. Don't believe everything you see in the Milepost.

Then we thought "hey lets top off the tank" haha ... WRONG.. no gas.

We ran into that alot in Alberta, BC and Yukon.. theres a huge gas shortage apparently in Alberta.. so they are taking it from other places to supplement.


So I have been so impressed by the Yukon (NOT) that I decided to drop my pants and run down to the highway and pee right on it.

It sorta relieved some stress.


We are currently stopped in Whitehorse Yukon. Resting comfortably in nice beds.

I like Whitehorse.. kinda a funky, hippy oasis in the north. If I even had a desire to be Canadian.. I'd probably move here. It's a cool place.. but most people we have talked to here think we are crazy to move to Fairbanks, because they say the winters here are bad enough, they can't even imagine what they would be up north.

Not probably the most comforting thing that people from the YUKON are afraid to go through a winter in Alaska..

Anyways we are deciding weither or not to stay another day and chill out or move on..

I vote for move on. I am just ready to finish this last day of driving and get there.

I'm tired.


  1. Hi, I'm dropping in from SITS and you really have a beautiful blog. It sounds like you and your husband are having quite an interesting trip. Remind me to watch the roads VERY carefully if I ever decide to travel to Yukon! I don't believe I've ever peed right in the middle of a road before, but it does sound a 'wee' bit interesting (pun intended!) :0)

    I hope the remainder of your trip is safe and fun. Drive (and pee) safely!

    Teresa <><

  2. yeah you're on your way! drive safe. hopefully you're nowhere near the smoke in the yukon

  3. Get the hellouttadodge and drive on then, baby. ONE MORE DAY? How wonderful!

  4. Glad to hear that you are making progress on your adventure! It does make me want to Google all of the places you are driving through.

    Have a great night and more safe travels!


  5. After 6 days on the road, I would want to be there too!
    Be careful and drive safe.

  6. I just searched Muncho Lake (preeety) and Whitehorse. Not much longer to go! I don't think you're crazy with the Alaskan winters, I think it would be AWESOME!! You're going to fit right in and be happy, I can feel it!

  7. Bears, moose and wild horses, oh my! Very cool! Be careful.

  8. ah, such great memories. when the hubs and i took that drive we did all the same things. saw wild horses (wild. effing. horses) the aurora borealis, stopped at muncho lake for breakfast, an incredible oasis in an absolutely crappy, long drive. we stopped at whitehorse, considered just living there so we wouldnt have to finish the drive LOL

    wait until you get a few hours outside of AK, the road is all gravel. that's right, its not paved. (at least not when we did the drive a few years ago)

  9. Keep goin, friend!!
    Whitehorse? Funny name. Hey, if you get to Yellowknife or Deadhorse? You've gone too far, back up!
    I learned that from Ice Road Truckers baby!
    I'm off to google that muncho place. :)
    Oh, and one more thing: prolly when you live in AK, you gotta learn a different word for more than one moose. See? I don't even know what it is. But it can't really be moosies can it? I mean, I like it, but I bet they don't. They probably eat moosies for dinner and stuff.
    Love and hugs, be safe!

  10. The folks in the Yukon are scared of Alaska winters???? YIKES!!

  11. I'm glad you got some rest, finally. Baby Bear?? So cute!

  12. So glad you got to see some wildlife!! Wild horses!!! AWESOME!! That's even cooler than the baby bear if you ask me! Whitehorse is such a cool hippie little city! I seriously wish we could have taken a day or two there--but heck, it's only 11 hours away. You will have some gravel roads tomorrow, but they aren't too bad. More spectacular scenery, especially around Haines Junction--where our trailer is STILL sitting! (Last tire shop on your way out of town) Blow it a kiss for me! :) Drive safe.....sleep well tonight!

  13. Hey girl, sorry I've been MIA lately, but I just got caught up on all of your fun...err. fun and interesting adventures. How cool to see so many different animals and such! Not cool about no hotels, or gas...gas shortage? Wow, who'd a thunk it? Anyway, I just wanted to say I'm so glad to see your dream come to fruition, I know how much you've been looking forward to it, and how anxious you were about the move...looks like you'll shortly be an eskimo up in AlAsKa! Woohoo!

  14. Oh Man! That sounds like a crazy trip so far, all that wild life would scare me a bit LOL. I hope you are feeling great and that your bum isnt too sore from sitting... Drive Safe!

  15. Oh I SO feel your pain! That last leg is absolutely the worst! But you are on the downhome stretch.

    DOnt worry about the winters.I have been in Fairbanks during a cold snap.Yeah just dont plan outside activities during and do LOTS of inside stuff. Get yourself some good lighting and take LOTS of viatmin D.(((hugs))

  16. Wow, that is some trip!! What coolness...all that wildlife...and you're gonna be livin' it baby!!

    xoxo ~Lisa

  17. I just cought on that you are moveing to Alaska.. We will have to do lunch some time.. LOL Have a fun trip the alcan rocks..

  18. because you are lovely and your blog is lovely and you are having a lovely (?) new experience...come check out your lovely award.

    The trip seems tough but wonderful. :)

  19. i'm enjoying the tale of your trip to alaska - i eagerly await each instalment!!! hugs and enjoy the current rest stop!

  20. While I'm not at ALL jealous of your crazy-long drive, I am jealous of all of the amazing things you're seeing! That is so neat that you and your husband made the decision to move to Alaska, and I think you're going to have a great time while you're there :-) Makes me even more excited for our big move!!!

    I hope that the rest of your drive improves and that you find more gas stations, ha ha! Be safe!

  21. Did you stop and check out the Signpost Forest in Watson Lake? I thought that place was very cool when we came through there. We drove to Alaska Feb.08. Think the roads are scary in just the rain or decent weather? Some of those hills had me petrified because it was all snow and ice when we came through, and the truckers would pass us like we were standing still. Its a wonder I was able to unclench my fingers from the steering wheel every night. Because of the crappy weather/road conditions it took us 7 days to go from Seattle to Wasilla AK. That was loads of fun between 2 vehicles, 3 kids, a dog and 2 cats!

    I saw your most recent post saying that you arrived in Fairbanks so WELCOME TO ALASKA! Hope you can breathe with all the smoke up there right now!