Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day 4-- Midway to Alaska

Made up some incredible time today. Drove from Red Deer, AB to Fort St. John, BC today. That's about 600 or so miles. Still completely spent on the car ride, but tensions in the car were alot lighter today and thus made for a MUCH more enjoyable trip.

I drove through a torrental rain storm before and a little after Whitecourt AB. MAJOR MAJOR rain. I couldnt see at all.. it was awful.. maybe 60 mph winds... I am watching the news tonight and apparently that storm turned into a mini hurricane which ripped up a country jamboree stage and almost killed some Canadian country star.

I told Hubs it was bad.

Anyways, we made it through the storm and stopped at Dawson Creek BC the offical start to the Alaska Highway. We were out taking some offical pictures when we got to talking to this man parked in an RV next to the sign. He asked where we were from and we told him. Apparently he was born in a rival football town in Southern Kansas and new ALLL about us and where we were from.

Made me miss home a bit. :)

But we trudged on to Taylor BC which to get there you have to drive down a 10% grade steep mountain. I thought Hubs might pee himself. Then he saw that he would have to drive across a 50o00000 ft high draw bridge to get to the town. Then I was sure he dribbled a bit.

Hahaha.. But we made it to Ft. St. John, BC tonight.. found an outstanding hotel which has beds like clouds.. Thank you jesus.

So we are safe. We are realizing now that we have a TON of miles to go in alot of very barren country. Not sure what is next for the V family.. but we are on our way. We will make it.

Love to you all!


  1. don't know about you, but i'm loving your road trip!!!

  2. Good Job! Hubs and You!! What an incredible journey, I am thoroughly jealous of you at this point. Moving So far away sounds like a fantasy to me. I'd be happy just 4 hours north of where I am now ;) Be safe.

  3. ooooooh I hate that part of the drive. That part and Muncho lake. Beautiful but scarey as heck! Glad to hear from you tho.

  4. Probably the best part of LONG road trips, besides the occasional cloud bed you find—most appreciated—is the material they give you when you look back at them years later. I'm with Scrappysue—I'm loving your road trip!

  5. You keep on truckin' and well keep on prayin'

  6. Woo hoo! Happy road trip, and I'm wondering, did you have to get passports to drive through Canada??

  7. I am having so much fun following your adventure to Alaska! I bet you are seeing some amzing things.


  8. I'm so glad you are posting as you go! What a great experience for the 2 of you :) :) Stay safe and post some pics sometime!! :)

  9. Hang in there... it will all be worth it.
    Keep keepin us informed... I am quite enjoying your trip. My hubby and I are going to take a trip up there next summer.