Sunday, July 12, 2009

So Whadda Want to Know??

So I've had a coupla people ask me a few questions about who I am, what I am and what I do.... It got me to thinking that if ya'll had any other questions about me.. that you should feel free to ask me! I'm an open book!

List 10 completely random, otherwise crazy, funny, gross, happy, sad, silly things about you.

1. I drink a ridiculous amount of coffee.. it's crazy. At least say like a 2 pot per night average. Sometimes more. Dependant on how much sleep I get. I have a love affair with my Starbucks lady, the Quik Shop guy, Mr. Folgers.. wherever I can get it.

2. NOTHING IRRATES ME MORE: than my male coworkers who drink coffee, who just add more to the coffee grounds that have been in the filter for the past 13 hours and don't clean them out! YUCK. JUST MAKE A NEW POT ALREADY!! IT"S NOT THAT HARD... It smells and the coffee tastes like tar. Then they have the gall to say.. "Oh I don't know why the coffee is bad.." Well Gee I wonder. Men..

3. I like it to go get strange things painted on my toe nails. I also like neon colored polishes so I can see my toes in the dark. Strange, I know.

4. I don't like to pump gas. I refuse to do it unless it is an emergency. I believe that's what husbands are for.. pumping the gas, taking out the trash and the heavy lifting.

5. I also have a general dislike for laundry. I used to work in a laundry in high school and college and it was the single most hardest, grossest job I ever had in my life. I did enough laundry for about 5 life times. I still do the laundry, I just don't like it.. and thank GAWD I don't have to do poopy laundry any longer.. or at least till we have kids.

6. I don't drive very often. My husband and I share a car. BOY AL GORE would be proud!!!

Anyways, my husband is the primary driver. It's not that he doesn't LET me.. it's just when I do.. he constantly has something to say about what I am doing wrong. So I just don't do it... then he doesn't get the opprotunity to complain, which really makes him mad and me happy!

7. I giggle alot and have funny words for normal words. My husband thinks that it's funny that I say "chilly water" instead of "ice water" or I tell him to "shutty" instead of "shut up"..

8. People say that I am very outgoing.. But most of the time I feel very shy on the inside. Maybe it's because I've stopped drinking in the past few years and lost all my liquid courage. So now I have to force myself to be super outgoing and chatty.. It doesn't come as natural anymore.

9. I really love the E-Trade baby commercials. They make me laugh.

10. I hate it when old people or judgemental people stare at my tattoos. It makes me so maddddddd.. Not because I regret getting them or because I seek some fake form of approval.. but because they have NO CLUE why I got them. They think I got them because I wanna be the hip-cool tattooed generation.... which is wrong. I got my tattoo's because it was the only way to cover some pretty major scars I have from having skin cancer. My skin heals outwardly.. (which there is a medical word for that, but I forget it now) so I have all of these places that are huge, strange looking bumps all over me. With a tattoo, it takes away or covers them completely.. So then I don't see them.

When I got married, my wedding dress had long flowy open sleeves. There was this beautiful picture of me and Hubs dancing. My arm was up and facing the camera.. All I could see out of this beautiful picture, was the fact that there was a huge 3 inch scar there. This big ugly thing.

It sickened me. So I get these wonderful pictures over my sad, dark places.. and it makes me feel a little more like a human again.

So there ya go! Enjoy!


  1. I think your tattoos are beautiful.

    I love "shutty", I'm so gonna use that. I like making up words too.

    I always get flashy nail colors too.

    Ew, adding more coffee grounds? yuck.

  2. My hubby is the primary driver too!
    Alaska drivers freak me out. Ever since I moved here, I get freaked out when I'm behind the wheel LoL.

  3. You are beautiful on the inside and out

  4. My husband is ABSOLUTELY the driver in the family. I WISH we could make do with one car, we'd love that - good on ya!!!

    I think your ink is beautiful and now that I know how pretty it makes you feel, I like them even more. (ACK! What a terrible sentence!!!) I have seen women get elaborate tats over mastectomy scars and I always thought that was very intriguing and beautiful, too.

    In New Jersey they don't ALLOW you to pump your own gas. Just another of the reasons I daily regret having left...

  5. I love your tattoos...the medical work is a keloid scar...I scar like that as well. I have one going straight down my chest. My girls call it my extra cleavage.

    You know they are saying now that people who drink over 5 cups of coffee daily are less likely to develop Alzheimer. whoop whoop!!

  6. Wow, such cool things! :) It's nice to learn some more about you?

    Here's some more questions for you (I'm nosey, so you can pick and choose)

    1. Do you play guitar hero?
    2. Besides the obvious, what is your and hubs favorite thing to do together? You know, either just hang out activity or on a date?
    3. Which would be more difficult for you? Sky diving or eating something really ( I can't even type it)...but Fear Factor gross ...(I have a weak stomach)

    4. What are you looking forward to most when you get to Alaska?

    :) There's some questions...feel free to ignore and/or answer whichever ones you'd like.

  7. P.S. that should be an exclamation point and not a question mark at the end of my first sentence.. It is interesting to learn more about question about it.

  8. Not having to drive...ohhhh i'm jealous already! Your tattoos are beautiful. And the story behind them, you almost made me cry. {Ok...i'm a little emotional with the hubs away} But seriously, i would have done the same thing. I hate when people stare. Don't they know it's RUDE?

  9. Great post. I loved the story behind your tattoos. I agree with The Peach Tart—beautiful in and out. By the way, your blogs new "do" is very upbeat and pretty. You must be getting closer to heading off toward your dream.

  10. Holy crap I thought I drank a lot of coffee - you beat my by a whole pot! :)

    Wear your tattoos with pride girl, they are beautiful. and I love the bloggy makeover :)

  11. I have a tattoo. And not nearly enough coffee.

  12. Well, I picked a good day to stumble across your blog - 10 interesting facts :)

  13. Here is a question for you...I dunno when you are moving to AK? :)

    I love posts like this! i think those ETrade commercials are a hoot too!!!!!!

  14. Great to know more about you. Chilly water cracks me up. I love that your tattoos are beauty from ashes :)

  15. I really liked this post. It's nice to learn more about you. I think saying shutty sounds way nicer than shut up.

    Also, I see you've redecorated: me likey!

    Here are my questions:
    What's your favorite childhood memory?

    What do you love about yourself?

  16. i love "chilly water" what a great way to say ice water LOL

  17. I love that eTrade baby. The one where he barfs on himself is hilarious.
    I love the new look, you rock, as usual!
    PS gorgeous wedding dress!

  18. Very cool.

    My husband is the primary driver too. We both have cars though. But when I drive he's always like, "You're going too slow!" and then he makes noises as though he's worried that I'm about to kill us or something. That makes me nervous.

  19. awwww i love your story! and i think the tattoos are so fantastic, especially with the meaning behind them! and the etrade commercials are friggin classic!

  20. #9. I love love love the e-trade commercials!! They seriously crack me up every single time!

  21. Hey girlie,

    Sorry it has taken me so long to reply.Spotty internet.But its better then the nothing we had!

    Good idea to get maybe 50 out in canadian but honestly aslong as you have a debit card thats all I have ever used.

  22. I only drive when I absolutely have to, like when I'm by myself. Otherwise, I'm happy to let someone else do it for me.

    I love your butterflies! They are beautiful.

  23. I can so relate to #6... we don't share a car but when we go together, he drive 99.9% of the time.
    And I like your tattoos.

  24. Thanks for sharing.
    Especially about the tattoo I think you are clever to make scars with bad memories into something beautiful.

  25. Award to you...check out my blog

  26. Love the story behind your tattooes! And I'm with you, pumping gas is for boys.
    I love your new blog look too!

  27. I LOVED reading this post about you! LOVE the pics too! thanks for sharing!