Friday, July 24, 2009

My Work Going Away Party

Today is my last day at work.. and I had a great going away party today.

My job threw me a huge party. They made all sorts of yummy food.. Cupcakes, veggies, HUMMUS, tabulie (I spelled that wrong) and meat balls which I love.

There were Sarah Palin posters, all my letters from all my 911 for Kids children and cool going away signs.

It was kinda weird because I've never quit a job before. No, scratch that, I never had a job were anyone cared weither I was there or not.

It was pretty cool to see so many people who really seemed to care that I was leaving.

They all pitched in, those little stinkers, and made me a scrap book, FULL of all of there pictures. Each one of them drew a sign, with a little note, or picture and held it up while my best friend took there pictures.

ALMOST everyone got there picture in the book. That's a big deal for cops. There never really into being too creative.

It was touching to see how many of them wanted to be a part of it.

Even my little fire pumpkins got there pictures taken for my scrap book.

It was too much. It cracked this ice queen to tears.

So to everyone reading this who took part in my going away party, Thank You. I really truly loved it and I loved working with you all.


  1. That speaks volumes as to the kind of person, coworker, friend you are :) You deserve it!

  2. Aw, that is so sweet that they did that! I think all of my jobs were probably throwing a congratulatory job for THEMSELVES that I was leavin'. :)

  3. How great they threw you a party. It's always bittersweet to leave a job you enjoyed where you were appreciated. But now, it's on to the excitement of the big adventure!! You did it. You set your giant dream in motion. Way to go!

  4. How cool is that? Must've been kind of sad. And about my Vlogs...I'm sure you'd LOVE to see me dance...let me tell you, you would go blond. I have NO moves what-so-ever. Maybe one night I will get drunk and give it a shot...might be awhile though for me to warm up to that idea. I'm not making any promises but I will let you know for sure if I do. :)

  5. Amazing! Isn't it great to feel loved and appreciated! So glad for you that they gave you a "proper" sending off! ;)

  6. That is so cool. Of course it melted the ice.

  7. Awww, that is so sweet :-) What a great group of people!

  8. that is so very thoughtful of them to all to give you such a great send off.

  9. awwww what an awesome gift they gave you!! i would have cried too :)

  10. Very nice! You deserve it!

  11. You must have done something to deserve all that love.

  12. Rocksee! Made me tear up to read this post! I hate saying goodbyes, even though I'm not involved and you will still have your blog here like always.... lol, I am just sentimental I guess.

    Sounds like you were very loved. Way to go!

    Good luck on your new adventure!!!