Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mean Girls who turn into Snarky Females.

You know, nobody ever tells you in high school that those girls who were mean to you, will just turn into mean, spiteful women later. Do they? Attention the teenaged unpopular.. It just keeps on happenin in adulthood. Sorry. I know. It's a drag. Just go ahead and get bitter now.

I'm not one of those women who likes drama. Personally I would rather be alone, by myself for the rest of my life than deal with drama. I repell it. I loathe conflict. I see the appeal of moving into the mountains and becoming a hermit.

On a sidenote, do you think nuns have problems with snarkiness? Are there nun-fights instead of cat fights? I mean really with all that estrogen, even god probably can't keep them under control all the time.
Ok, back on task.

Anyways, I know alot of people. Real-life, co-workery, blog land.. you name it. I know alot of people, but only count maybe 10 of them as REAL TRUE FRIENDS. The others, well I like, but could easily be cut from the Rocksee Circle of Trust. (WHOLE OTHER BLOGPOST)

So with knowing alot of people, comes alot of drama.

I try to avoid it. That's ok, be right.. I'll walk away, even though I am right and you are just well, stupid. I think that's what some people call "the high road." Ususally that's all it takes to difuse a situation.

But there are some exceptions to this rule.

1. Disrespecting my family.

2. Disrespecting my 10 friends.

3. Disrespecting someone who can't stand up for themselves, or someone who is weaker than the disrespector.

4. Stealing from me.

5. When people say things about me/family/friends that are obviously not true.

5 simple rules. Pretty easy right? You break these rules, then sorry, I'm gonna have to say something. I just CANT not say something. Just isn't who I am.

Here it is.. 20 days before I go and of course, like clockwork. There is drama.

Yesterday, I found out that someone I deal with broke rules 1-3-4-5. I won't go into the details, but I DID say something. I realize that it's just money (and alot of money at that) and obviously if that person really wants the money that badly, they can have it. They must need it more than I do. I'm leaving soon and dont really care either way, but something needed to be said and it needed to be called to that person's attention.

I wasn't rude, but I did let them know that that changed my opinon about them and I wished them a nice life.

But what I dont understand why people have to be snarky as well. That really shows what level of class and respect you have for others and yourself.

If you have a dispute with someone, whatever happened to being adult about it and coming to
that person to solve it? I dont' like you, here's why.. what can we do about it??
Agreed, I have not always handled disputes in my life well, but in the last few years I've really tried to learn that classy is always the best way. Class will get you far in life. Snark only gets you a sad life in middle America.



  1. I think we have a lot in common, as far as not liking drama and the things that make us mad. I think you handled it well and are very mature. And I also think you're damned smart.

  2. I don't care for drama, either (but with a teen and a tween, I find myself right in the middle of it ALL the TIME - it's exhausting)

    The nun pic is awesome.

  3. I think it comes down to: some people have not grown up yet, and maybe never will. Those of us who have actually matured and realize that the world does not revolve around us and that other peoples' opinions of us really don't matter, have a greater understanding of ourselves and our lives. Those who choose to live in the world of "me me me" and try to make others like them, well that's just pathetic.

    Sorry you were betrayed. It's not a good feeling.

  4. Ugh, I can't stand drama either, but I must have a huge tattoo on my forehead that says, "I love drama" because everyone comes to me with theirs.

    Some people just need to learn how to grow up. I don't know how some can be so rude or nasty to others. It just boggles my mind.

    Sorry someone was so sucky to you. Hope it gets better.

  5. I agree with you. A neighbor of mine didn't like something I said so she went and called the entire neighborhood instead of asking me directly. I confronted her and she told me to get over it. :)

  6. Hate hate hate drama. I am very cautious also. I think thats a good thing.

    On a side note I meant to ask you.Did you get a milepost? After this trip I totally belive they are worth there weight in gold!

  7. Oh, yeah. I'm a drama-ducker myself. Some dramas are "stickier" and seem harder to let go of. You just can't seem to shake them off. But I always try (not always successfully, but hey, I'm still evolving) to figure out what feels better—speaking my peace then letting it go or pitching a fit. Sometimes the latter wins.

    Sorry you had to go through this. It's never fun.

  8. I hate drama too...and luckily I don't get much of it unless you count the drama from my kids. It sounds like you handled the situation beautifully...

  9. I agree with going directly to the person. :) I also think folks sound go to that person asap and avoid the gossip, griping and drama. Get said what needs to be said and move on. They may not say or do what you want them to...but you can at least let it go.

    I love the new photo on your header!

  10. Here are my thoughts.... How do I get in that circle... Cause I so wanna be in that circle..

    Secondly, I feel the same way about drama. I know people who seem to thrive on drama....
    I agree with Yaya, it's all about maturity...
    I'm sorry that you were betrayed.....and I think your rules seem fair, and if someone broke 4 out of five of them--they deserved to be told about it!

  11. I loathe drama but unfortunatly I have to live with it thanks to my boyfriend's ex and some family members. You did the right thing by taking the high road.

  12. What Yaya said. Exactly what I think. I know, it's a sad day when you realize that the same jerks from h/s are jerks in "real life" too. And life is a huge highschool. : (

  13. I agree and I'm glad that you are a person who speaks her mind.

  14. I think so many people act in the moment and always feel that they're right, so they get snarky and rude. True reflection might reveal that they AREN'T but even then that would require a lot of pride pushed aside and the ability to apologize. The older I get, the more I realize that some people just can't bring themselves to do that. It's sad, and I'm sorry you have to deal with such situations. I think the stages that we go through in life lend the opportunity to shed parts of our life as we step snakes shedding skin. As we move forward, we tend to lose some of those people we know. Only a select few really make the move forward with us.....and as life progresses into a family for most of us, that's all we really need. :)

  15. Oh- we'll get along well! There is NO ROOM in my life for girl drama- I just don't get people who are stuck in that high school mode ( I couldn't stand it in high school, either)! Good for you standing up for yourself and dealing with them directly!

  16. I am not a fan of drama either. I just don't have the patience for it. I already deal with two kids AND a messy husband--I just don't have time for drama on top of that.

  17. I totally agree. I avoid conflict...until you mess with my family! Then I turn into this mama bear I don't even recognize!

  18. Sorry you were betrayed. I too have a small cirle of "best friends" who I am loyal to to the letter. I guess if they are your true/loyal friends, there's little need to be snarky. More like diplomatic (cuz, there's always drama somewhere). If they go beyond that or throw me under the bus, then they become toxic people. Those people I avoid like the plague. I don't need friends THAT bad. Hope things get better for you.

  19. Thank you for the great post. I think we all need a reminder sometimes. I'm glad that you deceded to walk away from something that could be bad for you. I think we all can learn a lesson from you and do the same thing rather than trying to fix something that isn't going to work, or just wait it out.

    {peeking in from SITS}

  20. I love that picture of the nuns in the water!

    Some people just attract drama. My daughter is a total drama girl. I think she gets it from my mom!

    I'm kind of nervous about going back to work because of all the drama that goes on there. Although I tend to look at things differently since I'm usually the low man on the totem poll there.

  21. My husband and I had some friends that violated your whole list. It came down to we had to write them out of our lives for good. We had been friends for years but they couldn't repair what they did.

    Mean girls suck. Surround yourself with uplifting people and life is good!

  22. yikes!! they broke 4 out of the 5?! i'm sorry they can't be mature and act like an adult...that least you know you were the better person!

  23. meet the parents - love that movie!