Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I'm in the midst of getting alot of the final things done for our trip. We packed the car today with everything we don't need and are realizing at the point we are going to need new shocks. The weight isn't very heavy and it's really weighing us down. I am glad we figured it out now, so it can be figured out before we leave.

We thought also that we would need new back tires. Looks like now, we are going to need 4 brand new ones.

When it rains it pours.

Luckily I can pay that off over time, so it's not a huge blow to the budget.

I am applying like a crazy woman for jobs. Combing anything and everything I can find.

Our house is pretty bare now. Nothing much left but the essentials. I'm going to call today and get the shut off's scheduled so we can be ahead of the curve.

Saturday is July 4th, which is like Christmas in our town. Everyone comes back home. I haven't missed it once in 29 years. This Saturday will probably be the last one I go to in a long time. It kinda makes me sad, but excited at the same time!

I will take lots and lots of pictures so you all can see what a great day it was!

Hope you all are well and having great summer days..



  1. So glad you figured out the shocks AND the tires before you get on that road! You won't regret doing that! Most of the road is great- after Whitehorse it started to get bad then after Haines Junction it was downright awful! When you go through Haines Junction- wave to our trailer that is sitting at one of the last mechanics shops on the way out of town waiting to be fixed!
    Enjoy your small town 4th of July- I still miss my small town 4th celebration that EVERYONE back home attends! I'll be homesick this weekend knowing my parents and sister are there.

  2. man you guys are ready, aren't you?! how exciting! have a great 4th!

  3. I'm excited for you. Since I began following your blog I've come to appreciate your dream (despite the fact that I'm still cold from four decades in No. Wisconsin, and still a little pissed about snow in general.)
    I know you and your Mr. are eager to begin a new phase in your lives! I am so glad to get to share it all via your blog.
    Still; there is a sadness...
    I love the posts about the 'hood, about the crackheads and lowlife neighbors.
    Do yo think you could venture into unsavory Alaskan neighborhoods once in a while just for the material?
    Travel safe. Happy 4th. Blog. It. All.

  4. Good for you for figuring out the car stuff. When we moved last August, I asked my husband to take the car in to have the tires checked. He "checked" them himself and decided they were good enough to make the 16 hour drive. That morning, we loaded EVERYTHING up that wouldn't fit in the moving van, and then realized that the back passenger tire was flat. We had to make an emergency trip to Wal-Mart and delay our start time by 3 hours. I was not a happy camper! Needless to say, he's already scheduled appointments to have both of our cars looked at before our move at the end of this month!

  5. How exciting... the time has almost come! Sure glad you are getting the car all fixed before you leave.
    Have a wonderful 4th... but you will have wonderful ones in AK I'm sure.

  6. I hope you guys have a great weekend! I really love the 4th of July :)

  7. I'm so excited for you! Have a great time this weekend! :)

  8. !!!!Yay!!!! You're making it happen!