Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm going on an MTV rant. Blah.. Boo.. Tissk!

Tonight at work we have been watching MTVam which is the only time MTV plays music video's. Now honestly, I haven't watched any music videos for a very long time. Obviously, like most people, I don't really see why they are called MTV when there are very few "music" related things or video's on the station anymore.

I remember when that's all MTV was. Videos and maybe 1 or 2 shows. Remember Remote Control? Or YO! MTV Raps? Headbangers Ball?

That was all the shows and the rest of the time it was straight music.

But now, there is only music in the weee hours of the morning and the daytime is limited to show after show about meaningless tween crap.

There were two video's that played OVER AND OVER AND OVER again tonight. Once every thirty minutes for the past 6 hours. I've seen both 10 times now.

Drake: The Best I Ever Had

and Little High School Musical Star
Ashley Tisdale: He Said, She Said

Now, heres the problem. Both of these songs are obviously popular with the tweens.. But the video's.. Seriously SERIOUSLY LAME.

All it was was Drake and Ashley up in some fake club atmosphere, with a bunch of people dancing around. Shot of Ashley with her "puckered you wanna kiss me face", Drake, with 15 girls half nekkid on a car with 20 inch rims. SOOO TIRED. YAWN.

There was no story line, no plot, both of the two looking way too young, trying to look way older and serious. You know they are respected recording artist's and all.

Here's a sample from the lyrics to Drake's: Best I've Ever Had

Know you got a roommate
Call me when its no one there
Put the key under the mat
And you know I'll be over there
(Yup) I'll be over there

Wow. That's Deep.

What ever happened to the somewhat serious music MTV played when I was growing up?

What happened to the video's that had some substance?

Like obviously, Michael's "Thriller".. I mean really who could top that one.. or Genesis "Land of Confusion".. Remember that one!!?!?!?! I loved that video with all clay heads and stuff! It had a point or at least it was somewhat interesting to look at.

Another great one was A-ha "Take On Me" That was so ahead of it's time!

I guess as long as there's singers like Ashley Tisdale.. I mean really why would MTV want to play music videos. Theres not much of a selection anymore.

It's also amazing to me why some people wonder why kids today are trying to be sexier and younger looking than they should be. They are taught to lust after women, cars and money by looking at these videos. None of them have any sort of bearing on the culture of today. It's just a whollllle lot of mindless blah blah blah. Now I'm not going on some Tipper Gore bandwagon here, but really does anything that MTV broadcast's worthy of being on TV? I have to wonder?

SO I ask you... Do you remember your favorite video's on MTV? Do you think MTV is overrated and should be shut down. OR do you think that they need to start going back to there roots and showing videos (both present day and past) only??..


  1. I'm 16 but okay, I hate Ashley Tisdale. And what the hell is with the other guy's hair?

    I love the Take On Me film clip and I fully agree that a lot of the superficiality amongst my generation today is a result of being brought up on a lot of this crap. It's had an effect on me, as much as I hate to admit it, although since my viewing of this stuff has been fairly limited, it's less than it would be for others.

    I'd think MTV show definitely go back to playing music videos constantly if we had it out here in Australia, and not just as cable, but considering how a lot of popular music these days is also ridiculous, repetitive and lacking in substance, that may not be such a good thing. More variety is needed and bring back some of the old stuff for sure! :)

  2. Hi there,
    I agree with you - we had great clips in the late 80's, 90's then it just went to the dogs. I really like the music on your playlist.

    I'm with you on the kids being taught to look up to really shallow stuff today.

    Anyway, interesting site, I'll be back to check in.

  3. Ooohhh... I LOVED Billy Idol's "Rock the Cradle of Love" video. My sister and I would watch it over and over. Music videos take the song to a whole new level. I guess I can go online now and watch them, but it's not the same. I want my MTV (back)!

  4. I so agree with you! Heres a few of my favorites...(now you get to see how eclectic my taste in music is!)
    "Money for Nothin'" Dire Straits
    "Freak on a Leash" Korn
    Then came the high budget Backstreet Boys/NSYNC battle of the videos
    "Everybody" Backstreet Boys
    "Bye Bye Bye" "NYSYNC
    They had crazy makeup, plots...ugh I miss good videos

  5. Man, the 80s had some great videos. Now, I agree, they all suck... that is, when you actually get to see them!!

    I might actually start watching MTV again if they started playing videos again. I can't stand all the crap they have on there now...

  6. I thought it was just me. I figured I had gotten really old and really out of touch overnight. I can't stand MTV anymore. Maybe I am old and out of touch!?

  7. oh yeah, i remember a long, long time ago when music actually graced that channel. i also remember when music was made by actual musicians, instead of just some kid that can't sing, or play an instrument (yeah, i'm looking at you jobros)it's become a joke.

  8. Totally agree with you. I grew up with nirvana and pearl jam and I'm like sad the type of new music that's available for my kids today. Forget hip hop that is just meaningless now, even FOB is pretty lame imho.
    Music in general is in a sad shape these days because they're trying to figure out the most efficient way to make a profit, and ring tones seems to be the answer. Well what sounds good on a ringtone...low quality, repetive beats.

  9. I can remember when MTV actually showed videos and no made for idiots tv. You could see some real classics then. I was kind of partial to Pink Floyd's animated Time video and Billy Idol's White Wedding and others.

    Now I don't ever turn MTV on.

  10. Today all they do is throw in a couple of half naked woman shaking their booties, some bling and a singer and that's a video. You're right, it sucks! I remember when MTV first aired. They should go back to their roots and maybe make an extra channel for all their tween crap.

  11. I had forgotten about the clay head video... it used to really creep me out, but I loved watching it, because I'm twisted like that.

    You're right. Music lacks substance these days....

    Yay for resigning, and new adventures in life!

  12. First: Yes! Come join the book club!! Please!?
    Second: welcome to adulthood. Where you think all of MTV is crap.
    Third: I switched to VH1 and felt like a real loooooooser and really oooooooold when I was around 26. But guess what? VH1 is now all shows too!
    Fourth: When I was a kid and MTV was first coming on the air, I thought that it was a BRAND of tv. Cuz Billy Idol was walking around with a portable red TV and saying, "I want my MTV!!!!" So I thought MTV was those little read tv's. Duh.

  13. What's MTV?

    Being from Alaska we don't know of such things. Don't bring any of that devil magic with you.

  14. I love this post. As soon as I started to read, I thought of Genesis, Land of Confusion. That was the first video I ever saw and I thought it was amazing. I don't even bother with MTV anymore. It's such a joke. They could have gone the other route and done some inspirational stuff, like getting kids involved with studying music or something like that. But no- they decided to go to crap.

  15. What about "We didn't start the fire" That video was awesome!

  16. AMEN!!! I wasn't allowed to watch MTV growing up, but the few times I would "sneak" it would be MJ or some other band that was good back then. Honestly, I can't even remember the last time I saw a music video on MTV. Years! I 100% agree with you!

  17. I loved the Genesis and A-ha videos!!!!!

  18. It is bad that I honestly don't remember that many music videos?? Do you think old MTV would survive with youtube now? I just go on there when I want to see a music video....then I can see what I want, when I want, then repeat it twenty times.

  19. I remember when MTV began. (yes, I am that old.) And when it was truly Music Television. I hate what it's become, haven't watched it in ages.

  20. I agree that it is very weird the MTV does not play very many music videos anymore, do they even do a countdown?

    Anyway, I still remember seeing my first New Kids On The Block video on MTV for Please Don't Go Girl. I am so glad they've reunited :)!!!

    Your move it getting closer, I see you've turned in your resgination. Did you have your interview?

  21. Morning! Now following your blog.

    Checking in from sits. The big holiday weekend is almost here!

    Ms Cupcake
    Zen Cupcake

  22. have a great 4th!!!!
    you'll be in Alaska for it next year, it's BIG here

  23. They need to go back to their roots. Remember The Cars' video with Paulina Porizkova or Adam Ant videos?

  24. The whole Michael Jackson thing has just pointed out that MTV doesn't play music anymore. How sad! Stopping by to wish you a Happy SITS 4th!

  25. I feel like MTV is the new Nickelodeon. When High School Musical won a bunch of awards on the MTV Movie Awards, I realized I was officially waaayy old school. And I'm 32. They haven't shown videos since about 1993.

    The best or most memorable videos were by Devo, the Cars, Peter Gabriel, and Michael Jackson. It was an artform. Now it's just marketing.

  26. It's a rule.
    You had to mention A-ha's "Take On Me" or the FCC woulda removed your blog from the internets.
    Thanks that you didn't disappoint.

    Remember when Motley Crue's "Home Sweet Home" was in the number one spot for a skillion weeks?
    Or maybe you don't.
    I'm a relic.
    I LOVE old school videos and I thank the small g god of You Tube that I can still see my hair band favs.

    I nearly had a stroke when I saw Lady Gaga's "Disco Stick."
    That's the first and only music video I've seen in a decade.
    And YES, it was in the middle o' the night.

  27. ROFL @ "Wow, that's deep!" I SO feel you on this one. It's not just MTV thought, it's also radio! People like freakin' Soulja Boy get loads of airplay and artists like Mos Def, who actually talk about non bling,bling,splat stuff get zilch!!