Saturday, July 18, 2009

Feeling Right..

You know lately, I've been reflective.

I've been thinking about the day I left my hometown for college.

I remember not even being about to put the car into gear and head towards the road that led out of town.

"What if I fail??"
"What if I can't make friends..?"
"What if this is the worst decision I have ever made...?"

And I didn't make friends.. for a very long time. I went to school and was so scared of my own shadow that I couldn't even look people in the face. I spent the whole semester locked up in my dorm room trying to figure out if I wanted to go home or stay another day.

But then I met some girls in newspaper.

Those girls, led to some other girls who lived down the hall from me.

Those girls led to meeting half the campus.

The rest was history.

See now.. on the cusp (Ohhh look at that big word..) of the biggest most exciting change in my life, I'm not scared. I'm not even nervous.. Nothing like when I first left home.. I don't even have a flicker of nervousness..

THATS what scares me. It's too good!

But what I love about what is happening to me is that I know, it's sad to leave.. but really not.. that sad.. I know deeeeeeep inside of me that it's right. This is what god meant to happen to me.

You know how you just FEEL that things are on the right path?

I got an email today in reference to a job that I reaaaaaaaallly wanted to get. But it wasn't a certain ... she wanted to interview me because she was impressed with my skills, but wasn't sure if there would be an immediate opening.

I kinda feel sad about this, but I also know that that would have not been the best choice for my family.. Flattering, but not right.

To get a job for both of us, an apartment and to live near friends.. just seems like a good fit.

I would love to continue dispatching, but.. maybe a break is good. Maybe a break will give me perspective and make me a BETTER dispatcher.

So I politely told her thanks, but no.. I think I am on the path for me..

I just want to say to anyone out there, that dreams ARE obtainable. If you dream it.. Do it.


  1. Sometimes change is scary and sometimes it's just what the doctor ordered. I reckon we know which category this change falls under!

  2. OO what do you dispatch for?? My hubby is a paramedic... just wondering!

  3. my roommate in college was a dispatcher. that's tough! I'm sure you are v. talented.

  4. awesome, awesome, awesome. You go girl! :)

  5. I'm excited for you! This is going to be the best thing for you! :)

  6. Just popping in from SITS....

    I am so happy for you and your husband.
    Congratulations on your new jobs!!!

    Hope your weekend has been beautiful as well

  7. I'm so excited for you. I know that feeling that this is exactly where God is taking me, even if He sometimes has to drag me kicking and screaming :) You will do great whatever He has in store for you!

  8. Hey Rocksee! I have been out of the blog loop for awhile, just got back from vacation! I am very happy to hear that both you and hubs found a jobs!!! I LOVE.LOVE the new look of the blog. Did you do it yourself?


  9. I can't wait to see what's in store for you guys!! how exciting! you have such a wonderful attitude towards everything :)

  10. Congratulations! I cannot wait to hear about the move, your new home, and life at your new jobs - amazing!

  11. I can feel your confidence in the situation. good for you! I was not sad ONE bit about moving from California. Now, I miss it. :)

  12. This is great!! You do what you need to do and don't let anyone stop you!

    Haven't been over here for a while, sorry about that, things have been Nuts. But I want you to know that I am giving you an award tomorrow on my blog so be sure to come and check it out!

  13. I have two awards for you. They are in two different posts. Come and get them.

  14. You are living proof that dreams come true!