Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dear "The Big E"...

Dear The Big E-

You know, I will really miss you.

I just realized that I have lived here for 9 years. That's amazing to me. Never did I think I would live here that long. I would stop in for college and be on my way. But little did I know, you would have a hold on me. Keeping me in your trenches, never wanting to let me go.

Big E, we have grown together, you and me. You have forced me to grow up. I lived here in your city for so many stages in my life. From college to homelessness, from the bottom back up to the top... your comforting surroundings and consistant force have always kept me loving you, even when I said I didn't.

I will miss your beautiful ponds, amazing sunsets, interesting people and smelly air quality.

I will miss purple christmas lights, the crazy duck/deer/santa lady, the unshoveled streets and the loud musical nights.

There are so many things that 9 years have given me.

Thank you for letting me stay.

Thanks for calling me one of your own.

Your the best city I've ever lived in. As ashamed as I am to admit it.

Much Love..

Your Citizen


  1. Awww I think every town has a crazy duck/deer/santa lady!

  2. A sweet and heartfelt farewell...

  3. I hearing about the things unique to different towns :) Very sweet!

  4. Duck/deer/santa lady... did I miss that one somewhere? Do tell....

    I know your town will miss you too! :)

  5. aww. You know, it took me 10 years of being away to finally go back and see how much I had liked my hometown.

  6. How is it fricking possible that I was NOT following you? I swore I was!! I figured you just hadn't updated in awhile and today I find out I never hit the follow button! Sorry..I know you were wondering (ha-ha). At least I have something to read tonight at work...your WEEKS of updates that I ignorantly missed :(

  7. Smelly air quality. lol

  8. i will miss the odd ball neighbors, but they can be found anywhere, even alaska.

  9. Great post! Good luck getting thing ready to move. It has been great following your adventure!

  10. It really does smell, LOL! But I always get used to it pretty quickly. I'm so excited for you, but a little sad for me. I'll be there in November, but you'll be up north! Can't wait to hear how it goes up there!!!

  11. bittersweet!! i can't wait to see what comes next!

  12. So sweet! I'm sure The Big E will miss you too. However, you will fall in love with your new town soon. :)