Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 2

Well after some intense driving, Hubs and I have made it to Great Falls, MT. Since I've never been to Montana before I am really basking in the amazing depth of this country. God did some great work here.


If I didn't know that a place like Alaska existed I may be so inclined to move to this great place.

We were headed towards the Louis and Clark Mountains/National Park, which sits about 10o miles from Great Falls MT.

This mountain made me completely fall in love with this state.

However.. I am a midwestern girl. They don't teach mountainous driving in Kansas. We learn how to turn and how to drive straight. That's it.

And since Hubs does the majority of the driving... well I was a tad out of practice.

Soooo I decided to conquer driving through this area. 3 GIANT mountains later, we arrived on the other side of Great Falls in one piece.

I was completely scared the whole time, about peed' myself.. but I did it... I overcame the fear. I almost hit about 49494949 deer in the process, but we got here in one piece.

Montana, loves there casino's though. Holy Moly we have seen about 52 million of them here, especially in Great Falls~! It's crrrrrrrrrrrrazy.

Tommorrow we will be headed to the boarder to cross into Canada.

We will try to make for Calgary/Edmonton tommorrow.

Internet and Facebook are going to start to become more scarse, so... this may be the last update for awhile~!


  1. I remember driving through Montana as well and fell in love with the state. We went through all 4 seasons in one day though which was a little scary!
    Have a safe trip and watch for moose once you get into Canada and on!

  2. Awesome! You shouldn't have any problems making it all the way to Edmonton-- it'll be an easy drive! We did it- in a blizzard- with four kids! ;) Calgary has a great little outdoor mall area somewhere along the way- has an Ikea, a Starbucks and some other stores. Makes a great place to get out and stretch your legs. So excited for you... almost to the best part of the drive! :)

  3. I have always wanted to visit Montana, mainly because of that movie "Legends of the Fall", which is based in MT although I don't know for sure if it was actually filmed there...

  4. I'm used to driving in mountains and stuff but I HATE IT! I almost pee myself every time. :)

  5. OK well that last part sucks! I'm already missing your late-night twitters. I hope you continue to have an interesting & safe trip.

  6. Is this exciting or WHAT?
    Drive safe.
    Update when you can.
    Yay for living your dream!

  7. I'm a tad jealous!! I would love to drive through all those beautiful places!! I'm excited for this new chapter in your life!!! Be safe!!

  8. i love montana! i too would consider living their. enjoy the beautiful drive!

  9. Glad you are safe and dong great! The hubby was stationed at Great Falls and loved it there. Lived in a mountain home and just fell in love with it! Glad you are enjoying our stuff out West!

  10. I can't wait to see it all! I've wanted to move to Alaska for so long.

  11. Oh, you were just a state above me! Montana is beautiful! Amazing how many deer are on the roads. I had to learn how to drive in snow when we moved up here. Have a great time in Canada... someday I am going to visit Canada.

  12. I'm not good at driving in mountains either:) I'm glad you're enjoying yourself! I'm looking forward to seeing pictures!

  13. WooooooHoooooooooo! I can actually visualise your progress.How scary is that! BE SAFE!!!

  14. Glad you got over those mountians!

  15. Woohoo!

    Montana is beautiful. I'm glad everything is going okay.

  16. Glad to hear the trip is going well! Being a midwestern girl myself I love the mountainous scenery but I prefer the wide open spaces.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  17. Glad to know you have made it safely this far. Keep us updated when you can!

  18. Happy Saturday Sharefest!!

    Great blog. I will follow you and keep checking back. Come on over and check me out here. and don't forget to add yourself to my blogfrog community widget while you are there!!

    Have a GREAT day!!