Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tra La! It's a Blog Tag!! (insert game show music here)

1. Where are you blogging right now? At work. Now before you say "Wow Rocksee, way to work!" I have all my paperwork done and I sorta have a job that I can do along with computering. Plus it's 3:13 am. What's really happening right now?

2. How many unpublished posts do you have in your 'draft' box? None. I post as soon as a thought farts out of my head. You get it as soon as it comes to me.

3. Whose blog inspired you to start your own? Um.. no one really. I had blogged on MySpace for quite awhile.. maybe since 2006, just because. I'd been toying around with starting a full out BLOG BLOG, for quite some time.

4. When do you usually publish your posts? Ususally at night when I am up.. But again, whenever they come to mind.

5. In your guesstimation, how many blogs do you read? On a given day.. umm about 50.. I try to comment on them all, but ususally get to about half

6. How long have you been blogging for? Here? Since March I think?? And in general since 2006.

7. Why did you start blogging? Keeps me sane.

8. Why do you keep blogging? So I can weed out all the thoughts in my head, keep up with all you crazy peeps and in general tell a story.. however wacked out it may be.

9. If you could only recommend one blog to a friend, which one would it be?I refuse to answer this question for fear that I will hurt someone's feelings. Besides, I could never really narrow it down to one. I like everyone for different reasons.

10. If the internet was "turned off" for one month, what you you do with all the time you used to spend blogging? Um.. probably sitting here picking my nose.


  1. Oh, I love playing Blog Tag, especially in the summer. Stopping by from SITS to Share the Comment Love!

  2. That last question is mean, horrible, and terrifying.

  3. This is the best meme I've ever seen.
    Even I could answer these questions.
    (No "When was the last time you cried yourself to sleep?" which makes me want to stab someone.)

    One problem; number NINE - Your OWN, of course!

  4. I use to blog on Myspace, too!!!

    I don't think I could live without the internet for an entire month!! What the hell did we do with our lives 10 years ago??

  5. That's great! Farts comin' out of the head and picking your nose! My kind of gal, must be why I love thee!

  6. I used to blog on Myspace (when I had it), but I found a lot of drama came with it. lol

  7. Great questions and answers! I enjoyed reading!

  8. What is a Blog Tag? See I am still new to this... And life would be really hard if #10 happened!