Thursday, June 25, 2009

Interview with NeighborTot

Me: So NeighborTot, it's good of you to sit down with me. You are quite famous around the hood. Yesterday I saw RedneckNeighbor's dog loose, what are your thoughts about RedneckPooch?

NeighborTot: Well Rocksee, thanks for having me. It's not often when a 7 year old can be a famous neighborhood icon. But I try to maintain my street cred. It's a big help with the ladies.

See I hate RedneckPooch. He's always coming over trying to mess with Rainbow Brite, my dog. I think he wants to make fun of him for being called Rainbow Brite. I hit him in the head with my Star Wars light sabre that I got for my birthday. He ran back home. Dumb dog. Doesn't he know it's plastic?

Me: Apparently not! So NT I saw that the phone company was at your house the other day. Why were you yelling at the phone man? You were saying some very colorful words!

NT: Well Rocksee, he was there to cut us off. I mean the phone is in my name and I am not about to have bad credit already. I mean I'm only 7. I've got to stand up for myself. So I told him to take his cut off notice and kick rocks!

Me: NT, were my eyes decieving me or did you try to drive the car the other night?

NT: I did. Maybe not the brightest move. Mami was not happy.

Me: Why is that? I saw her running out of the house after you..

NT: She got all bent out of shape. I made it down the drive way. It's not like I drove to McDonalds.

Me: NT, be honest, what is the real reason that you dance in the front yard? I never hear any music. Are you just trying to be funny? The passing cars really seem to get a kick out of you.

NT: Well Rocksee, actually, theres this girl. NeighborTottie, who lives two doors down. She told my brother that she likes how I dance. So I kept doing it, thinking maybe she'd want to come out and play with me. Theres not alot of places to mingle when you are 7. I have to do what I can. Remember, I have a rep to uphold.

Me: Hows your nose?? I saw you hit yourself with the boomarang. Is everything ok with that?

NT: See I don't understand how everyone seems to know about my nose. YES I am ok. YES I may have gotten slightly confused about how a boomarang works. YES, I may have broken my nose a little. But I think it's given me a more grown up look. Plus chics kinda dig my scar.

Me: What was with all the smoke the other night? I saw Poppi out with a garden hose sprinkling off the neighbors yard.

NT: I maaaaaaaay have started a very small SMALL fire. VERY SMALL. Poppi gets so emotional about everything! He's all yelling and saying how bad I am. I was just trying to help the neighbors. The grass was so tall and they needed to mow it and since I am too short to push the mower AND I have skills in exploding things.. I thought maybe I could help them. Poppi apparently didn't see it that way.

I had to say like 500 hail mary's for that AND I am out of commission till school starts.

Me: Grounded in the summer... that's a bummer! Well that's about all the time we have! Thanks for stopping by NeighborTot!


    You've got some maaaad interviewing skills.
    Take this kid with you to Alaska.

    This is hilarity in so many ways. I love it!

    You're not right in the head; you know this(?)
    I love you for it.

  2. Very humorous.
    I chose a different prompt. I used to teach school ---and I loved it and the students, but somehow, the moment I retired, I suddenly wanted nothing to do with anyone under the age of 18, not even in my imagination.

    (I'm sponsoring my first GIVEAWAY. Come visit for the details.)

  3. LMAO! You never cease to make me smile and laugh! Love it, wish I could visit your 'hood' for just 1 day.

  4. Visiting from Mama Kats...

    OK...this was pure genius! I loved it! I was laughing the whole time. Life sure isn't boring with Neighborhood Tot around to liven things up ... or burn them down.

  5. This is HILARIOUS! I LOVE IT! What are we gonna do if your new neighbors in AK are all nice? No more stories!

  6. I think you had better live in Nenana if you want neighbors to entertain you like this (or so I've heard)! SO funny! What a great start to my day! Love ya girl!

  7. i didn't know that you interviewed my son....weird! lol...

  8. I live next door to you? Cause that sounds a lot like my kids lol :) Really enjoyed this! You have a new follower

  9. omg lmao! You know people actually do put bills in their kids names. I can't believe they get away with it but they do.

  10. ROTFLOL! Thanks Rocksee I needed this!Lol

    On the passport front, dont worry. I have gotten 4 others without a hitch.I am sure little As is sitting in our box in Minot.Helpful

  11. I wish I could have a visual of the dancing.

  12. Wow what a tot. I'm glad he don't live in my hood.

  13. That kid is pretty bright...perhaps you should start asking him some self help know when you're in a friend fight or something, just go to neighbortot and he'll counsel you. I bet he'd give great advice. :)

  14. how cute! i wish i lived in your neighborhood!

  15. HAHAHA you are so F'n funny!! haha Stopping by to leave some Thursday bloggy love

  16. Awwww...poor misunderstood little punk. A life of crime awaits!

  17. Crazeeness...but oh so funny. The "phone" in my name is hilarious.. bad credit at 7. It happens every day....:)

  18. You kill me! That was too funny. Seriously, I'm going to miss your neighbors when y'all move.

  19. I was happy that you were moving to Alaska to escape the hood, but now I am not so sure, it is pure entertainment and makes for great blogging! Have a great weekend!