Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happenings Around The Hood.

Well the hood has been bustling with activity lately.. Some of you have asked for pictures of NeighborBoy and to be honest, I don't know if I could get one without him knowing. I am trying though.. But NeighborBoy is snnnnneaky. So let me get you up on all the gossip.


NeighborBoy had a BBQ this week..! That's right the social event of the season. Nothin says beans and franks like a little Souja Boy and a cold one.

All of NeighborBoy's loser friends were there along with there very 12 year old looking girlfriends. Everyone was gathered around the newly cleaned BBQ enjoying a lively night in the hood.

NeighborBoy had his arm around a new girl this week.. His arm and a whole bunch of other body parts. I wonder what crackhead NeighborGurl would think about all that!

What was funny was that when we came outside so I could go to work, my husband (who is not a cop but is a job which requires him to wear a uniform similar to a cop) was already dressed in his uniform.

As soon as he stepped out the front door all of NeighborBoy's friends heads immediately turned his way. I'd never seen so many people mean mugging him in all my life!

As soon as we walked to the car, every single one of them started heading to there vehicles to leave. Man.. I wonder why? Did we offend??

I love Hubs. He's my own personal Crackhead Exterminator! Crackheads be gone!

Neighbor to the south went out and checked his mail in his underpants.
I'm serious.
Just his underpants.

Go ahead and visualize that.


I woke up Sunday morning and headed out to my car. I just happened to look over to the frat house on the corner.

Now ususally, the frat is the sanest of all my neighbors. But I looked on the back fire escape and there laid a young man, dressed up like an Indian, passed out on the stairs.

Hmm.. Wonder what happened there? Either he lost a bet or he's a recruit. And they say hazing doesn't happen anymore.


Upstairs Neighborboy has a girlfriend.

Long haired, hippy, stinky, naked guitar playing neighbor.

I am scared to death to look in his window now. What if she's up there doing that with him too!??!


The neighbor boy across the street is bored. School is out and he's looking for science projects.

Yesterday they decided to put firecrackers in there trash poly cart. Blew it up. I mean to smitherines!

I think that little neighbor boy didn't realize what he had done, or did he figure he would do it so well, because it scared him half to death. So much so, that he peed his pants.

As soon as mom came out and yelled at him in very irrate spanish, you could tell he wished he would have stuck to shaking his butt at passing cars like he usually does.

He's so inventive.


Our AC broke this week. It's the hottest week yet this summer. 90's to 95's. Hubs doesn't do well with the heat. When we finally got a new one 3 days later... Hubs had had enough. He left two screaming messages on our managers machine.

But when we finally got it and it came with a fancy remote control.. he forgot all about how angry his was..

" I can't believe it has a remote.. that is so cool.. who knew they made this stuff?" " Do you think he got me a remote just because I got so mad? I wonder what else I can get us??" "Oh look theres a temperature gage on the remote!" " OH! And it has a light!!" "OH! And the buttons make noise!!"

Hahaha.. he's so ghetto..



  1. i know you say you live in kansas---but seriously! Are you sure you're not my neighbor?! :) I love "he's so ghetto" all men love remotes.

  2. Who knew Kansas was soooooooo ghetto?

  3. this doesn't sound like the neighborhood mr. rogers used to sing about. but at least you don't have to spend money on entertainment- just a lawn chair and a beer and you got yourself a mighty fine evening with the hubs!

  4. I have to admit, I am kind of jealous of all the adventures you have in your hood. Nothing ever happens here aside from the occasional drive by late in the night. your neighbors entertain you. So darn lucky!

  5. I love it! Give a guy a remote and he's happy. So funny!

  6. Very entertaining :) I hope the move happens soon for you! Are you sure you're safe?

  7. I just don't understand why you want to move?! Really. Do you think you'll get this kind of entertainment for free in AK?! I think not.

    xoxo ~Lisa

    Tell hubs my ceiling fan has a remote ;)

  8. Man I want to live on your street!!! Way more interesting than mine!!

  9. Still have the underwear clad neighbor visual. *shudders*
    Don't you just love how easily amused men are? Give them a remote and it makes their day. lol

  10. Your world is like a scary and yet entertaining soap opera for me :)

  11. Always love to hear about your ghetto stories. They are so interesting. I bet you will be glad when yall are gone!

    Happy Tuesday!

  12. I really want to visit your hood! The passed-out Indian makes me think of YMCA gone very bad.

  13. Geez. You make my life seem so sane. Glad the ac's working again!

  14. Oh My Gosh! It would make me nervous just to walk out of your apt.
    Men DO love remotes! Lol

  15. Wow- fabulous neighborhood! haha. I'm jealous.

  16. Your neighbors sounds like a comedy festival, only kind of sad because they're real. Naked and underwear-clad neighbors, oh my!