Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Letters

Dear Grandpa-

Happy Fathers Day! Do they celebrate Fathers Day in heaven? I hope so. Maybe you and JC will get down an boogy today. I bet you would like that.

I'm sorry that I don't see you very much anymore. I saw you walking down the street a few months ago. Only for a short second. The times get shorter and shorter. Few and farther between. I miss that. Why don't you come to me more often old man?

I don't go to the cemetary to see you. I never have. It just makes me too sad. I just want to remember you the way I remember you. Plus I bet your real pissed that you have to lay next to Grandma forever. (haha sorry grandma)

Uncle Wendell is probably going to be with you soon. I hope it happens quickly. It's sad to say, but for the best. I really hope that it happens before I go, because mom will need help with B. I wish you were here. You would know how to take care of everyone and fix all of this.

Anyways Pops, Happy Fathers Day. I want you to know that you were always my dad. Nobody else. You were always the only guy for me.

Love you x 1000,


Dad 2-

First, I want to say Happy Fathers Day. Second, that I love you. Third, I want you to do something for me. I've never asked anything from you and I hope you will do this for me.

Did you ever realize why your other kids aren't around? I never did till recently and quite frankly I don't blame them.

You are pushing me and everyone else out of your life.

Please. For us, For my children, for there children.

Get yourself together.


The Your Last Kid.


Dear Poppa V-

I love you.

I love you for loving your son. I love you for being back in his life. You make him so happy, because your love doesn't have strings attached like his mothers does.

I hope you know how much we will MISS you.

I can always online shop for you if you need, so you won't have to go to Wal-Mart. I know how you hate that.

Please take care of yourself and stop using Windex to wash your hands. Really, that's so weird.


Your Daughter in Law


Dear Father-

It seems very strange to call you that. You never were.

When I was in town a few months ago, I went past your cemetary.

I almost stopped. But I didn't.

You didn't deserve that kind of respect.

So today I'm gonna thank you for giving me life, fantastic native features and amazing hair. 25 perecent of the reason I am beautiful is because of your offering some winter night in 79'. But 50 percent of any reason I got were I am today is because of the woman you choose to be my mother. The last 25 well that's been up to god.

Thank you for giving me half my chromosone's because that I would venture to guess is one of the few reasons I've stayed in good health.

Thanks a bunch for the college money. It's help me land a few jobs and has kept me out of college loan debt.

Past that... well that's all. It's pretty sad that I can sum up your contribution in my life in about 3 paragraphs and not even big ones at that.

As I've always said, I hope you see me from up there. I hope you are mad as hell because your realizing all you chose to miss out on.

I'm a pretty great girl and I did it all without you.

Happy Fathers Day.
I'm sure your other kids miss you.


Your Youngest Daughter (at least I think so)


To all my friends who are fathers..

THANK YOU for being such great poppa's.

Your children are all amazing in there own ways.

That's I'm sure due to what great momma's they have, but you definately have huge parts in their awesomeness.

Thank you for all you do, Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your kiddo's lives.

Love Auntie Rocksee


  1. Wow. So many fathers. It seems like a lot of us has multiple fathers in our lives. My father was never much of a father, or rather, he was never much interested in me. My setpfather came along when I was 16 so he never seemed like a father to me either BUT he was a fabulous grandfather to my adore. She absolutely adores him. And through the years I have come to see what a good man he really is and so, in a sense, he is like a father figure. He's 93 and struggling with the effects of his last stroke. My mother cares for him at home because she feels he deserves to be in his home and not some cold nursing home.
    Sorry for rambling--for some reason you're post made me think if him in a new light and I need to make sure I see him today. Thank you so very much. - Preston

  2. Good morning! You were above me in roll call today, so I wanted to stop by from SITS and leave some comment love. FD is a hard day for me too...I lost my dad to cancer when I was 16. Hope you have a good end to your weekend!

  3. That's so sweet Rocksee. You ARE awesome!

  4. What a poignant post. Thanks so much for sharing. Stopping by from SITS to Share Some Sunday Comment Love...

  5. What a touching post :) You are so thoughtful - hugs to you!

  6. I love the way you put it all out there. and yes, I gave him the picture. He liked it, I think. :) Thanks for being a great friend... hope you have a good day. :)

  7. All these poppa posts are just making me feel warm and fuzzy today. Sweet post.

  8. You definately have the ability to see the silver lining, I commend you for that. Your post to your Grandpa was so sweet. Mine past away a year and half ago and everytime I find a penny I think of him. Today one just appeared as I was picking up, I know he is looking down and so is yours.

    Have a great Sunday!

  9. PS- I like the new view from the Porch Swing :)!

  10. You made me cry. I think your "Father" is kicking himself for not giving himself the gift of you.

  11. That is a great post, Rocksee. It's making me sad, but the Windex is cracking me up!
    You are awesome!

  12. What a wonderful post. You rock Rocksee! And thanks for sharing something so personal. Your Momma has to be proud!

  13. Amazing post! You made me laugh and cry!

  14. Beautiful and a little heart braking.

    Love the new header!!

  15. those letters said a lot. good for you for writing them.

  16. that was beautiful: the good, the bad, the's great and honest and sweet.

  17. That's a good post! Funny at times, sad at others..but that's how it is in life. Thanks for sharing some personal thoughts with us!
    Have great week!

    (fellow SITSta here)

  18. This was a very moving post, as you obviously have so many male figures in your life, and lots of different emotions. Nicely written..

  19. Those were all great, for different reasons. Thanks for sharing them.

    PS you do have some pretty nice hair :)

  20. What a great post. The part about your father reminds me of some fathers I know (not my childrens' father, but other friends & family members). I look at these awesome kids and think, you have NO CLUE what you're missing!!
    I'm glad you did have good relationships with other men in your life.

  21. Amazing how many men figure into our father's day thoughts... Sounds like you had some great ones, and some not so great ones. Hopefully the former made up for the latter.

    Wonderful letters!

  22. That was one awesome post, sweetie. And I believe they all heard you. Stop by my blog before July 3 for a chance to win one of three tropical table lamp worth over $60.00 each. Love song #2, saw the Tings Tings on Carson Daly. Also love the new pic at the top, beautiful!