Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Extreme Makeover: Me Edition

Question this week: What is your favorite beauty secret??

Well girls.. There are three for me. All very important. Listen closely. Get a piece of paper. Write this down.

1. Water. YOU MUST DRINK WATER. Your skin will look like shriveled up crack if you don't. It's amazing to me how many women, heck and men too, don't drink enough water. Things with water in them, like say pop, don't count. It's carbinated water people.. seriously. You need plain ole boring water. It makes your skin soft and pretty and all sorts of beautiful. You don't need like 14 gallons, but get 3 or 4 glasses in. It will help.

2. Vitamins. They will not only make you healthy, but they help again, your skin, nails and hair. They make all of your most important girly bits sparkle. I never realized when I was young what was so important about vitamins. THEY MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER, THEY PROTECT YOU. Don't be silly and not take them. I was told by my drug guy, at the drug store, silly.. That if you can't stomach adult vitamins, kids chewables will give you just the same things, only take two.

Good to know.


It's never too early to start.

I thought of another!

4. DON'T TAN. Seriously, do you want to look like a shriveled up prune when your 40? Or do you want to look seriously hawt?

If it's the latter, then don't tan.

Now. I realize that tanning is very relaxing. I used to do it. ALOT. And then I started getting these. Not too pretty are they? And just let me tell you from personal experience, they HURT SO BAD TO GET TAKEN OFF. LIKE SERIOUS PAIN. It's not fun or pretty. SO think about that the next time you go tanning or lay out. Think about someone piercing your skin with a wine cork and basically sucking your skin off till they remove the mole. Doesn't sound pleasant does it? And if your cancer has grown outside the mole then they will cut and cut and cut your skin until it's gone. I have about 45 of these places. Maybe more. I've lost count. All from being stupid and thinking that I would look pretty if I tanned.

If you want to stay beautiful and golden brown, use a self tanner or go spray tanning. Same effect without burning your skin off.

Amber is going to have an awesome look at self tanners soon.. I suggest Bath and Body works tanners. But that's just me.. everyone has different prefrences.

Pale is the new Tan.

That's all I've got! Go check out the other ladies at Extreme Makeover!


  1. I need your advise on self tanners...I just posted on Amber's that I need lessons...also the smell isn't the best. I don'ttry to get a tan (although I do tan easily)....I put on sunscreen and am what I am. :) Have a great Wednesday!

  2. Let me know of a self tanner that works - I'm going to have a spray tan done today at lunch for the beach and I would much rather find some great lotion that looks like a golden brown and not orange.

  3. It's funny how almost everyone has mentioned tanning so far. In high school I used to get teased for being so white. I have always avoided the sun. Great tips! Good luck this week.

  4. Great tips! I have gotten better about the water and vitamin thing, but oh how I love the sun....I am learning to love sunblock too, but just not quite there yet...its a work in progress!

    Have a great day!

  5. Wow!! I used to tan, but now I'm too poor, good thing! Yowza! And I'm guilty on the water thing...I know I know!!! When I was pregnant both times I drank tons of water. But when it's just me, I guess I don't care? I don't know. Naughty. I'll start drinking more. Water, that is.
    And I do the vitamins too!
    Macey : )

  6. I miss tanning. I'm planning to see a dermatologist really soon because I am a moley person and I'm afraid that my poor tanning habits may have resulted in cancer. I'm terrified to find out.

    Have a great week!

  7. Great tips! I'd also like a non-orangy self tanner. I like the Dove, but it still seems a little orange. Maybe it's just in my head.

    I love me some water! I'm not big on the vitamin thing though. I just have a really hard time remembering to take pills. I used to have a thyroid condition and never EVER remembered my medication. Dumb...I know.

  8. That is great that you posted the pix of the skin cancers. I had a cousin who was an avid jogger and used lots of sunscreen because he burned easily. A patch of melanoma on his arm... they thought they got it, but 4 years later discovered it had matastasized and was in his brain. He died a week after his 31st b-day. Sunscreen, sunscreen sunscreen! I love your "pale is the new tan" remark. True.
    And yes, water & vits, good things.

  9. I can't see the letters of your post - I'm sad. :( I wonder if your blog background isn't loading on my computer for some reason.
    I'll check back later.
    :) Jen

  10. OK, I'm laughing at myself now because my computer is just S-L-O-W or something - your background showed up after I finished typing that comment. I couldnt' read black on black, go figure. :)

    I agree with all your tips wholeheartedly. Now I just have to do them!!! When I was in the Philippines, these dark little old women would come up and "pet" my pale skin because they thought it was so beautiful. It's funny how beauty always seems to be what we don't have.

    :) Jen

  11. fabulous beauty tips! i struggle with taking vitamins ~ they are so big and always make me gag ~ so i think i'll try some kid chewables. awesome tip!

    and i love your little lecture about the evils of tanning! i am a pale pale girl and decided last year that i am swearing off tanning. it's just not worth the risks!

    have a wonderful day!

  12. Great beauty tips!! I love spray tanning. I wish I could do it every single week. I used to love laying in the sun but haven't really done it in years because of the cancer issues. I still haven't been able to find a self tanner that I love. Still looking though.

    Good luck this week!

    Much love from NJ,

  13. What exactly does shriveled up crack look like? Ohhhhhh now I know! Hehe that made me laugh when I read it. Great tips!

  14. Good tips! I love the look of a tan, so I use self-tanner or go get a spray tan. Thanks for the advice.

    Keep up the good work!


  15. I know just what you say about the should see the freckles/moles i have from it. What was i thinking?

  16. I drink approximately a gallon of water a day and I moisturize, take vitamins and eat lots of fish and veggies.

  17. All SO true! Especially the no tanning part. But tell that to a teenager... I remember ignoring my mother's advice on that one.

  18. I was totally going to say wear sunscreen--which is similar to your don't tan! Sunscreen prevents wrinkles--I wear it everyday

  19. I hate tanning, it's so boring, but I LOVE the sun. I need to listen to all of your tips! I've been slacking lately.

  20. So glad to read your tip on vitamins. I buy them and then don't take them because they upset my stomach.

  21. I live at the beach and...I don't tan!
    Water, vitamins, moisturize-check check and check.

    I just posted a random beauty tip over at my blog-great minds think alike!

    Have a fabulous weekend!!!

  22. oh man, soda doesn't count? Darn! (lol)

    I'm glad pale is the new tan. I'm white white. My friend teases me for being so white and all I say back is at least I'm not making myself sick with cancer in a box or staying out too long in the sun.