Thursday, June 25, 2009

Don't Forget Charlies Angel.

Good Morning Angels!

Good Morning Charlie!!

It's hard to believe that one of my childhood icons is dead. While it's probably been 20 years since I watched Charlie's Angels every Saturday with my grandma, and I will never forget who my favorite "angel" was.
She started my love affair all things hair, with her trademark feather. Her fluffy mane was the centerpiece on which I styled my hair for most of my elementary and jr high years.
Miss Farrah Fawcett

How could you get more beautiful than Farrah Fawcett?? She was every man's dream and every woman wanted to be her friend. I used to have arguements with my cousin on why Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith had no personality and they would be the death of the Angels. I couldn't stand them. They had absolutely no sense of humor.
We would have huge arguements.
I mean serious YELLING matches.
I was passionate about it. Even at 8.
A majority of the time my cousin was trying to tell me that the show was already canceled, the Angels were already over.
I wasn't havin it.
It had been off the air for like 10 years by then.
(I was young, I didn't realize it was reruns)

As she got older and even more classy, people respected her. When she got anal cancer a few years back, people were sad. Heck, it just wasn't fair.

What I admired about her was that she was determine to give a face to a form of cancer that many women find to be embrassing. She gave women hope in fighting a disease that some couldn't even bring themselves to say.

Farrah fought her cancer like a freight train.

I watched her special on NBC a few months ago and saw how much she was struggling. I figured if anyone could pull through cancer it would be here. She's a Charlies Angel.. darn it!

But sadly, today she didn't.

It has been a very sad day for everyone who grew up in the 70's and 80's. Today two of our childhood icons passed away. And while I do believe with all of my heart, that no matter how freakish Michael Jackson was, his death is a tremendous loss for music and the world.

But it seems that his death has now overshadowed the fact that we have lost another great today, a woman with unpresidented strength and grace. On Farrah Fawcett's death is behind some NBA draft pick who changed his mind about going pro.

Seriously?? Is that really more important?

On MSN she is at the bottom of the page. She isn't even in the "Major Stories" section.

Really? The death of an icon ranks right up there with Sarah Jessica and Matthew Brodrick taking home there kids from the hospital.

I think not.

So lets not forget about everyones Angel.

Miss Farrah Fawett


  1. What a wonderful tribute. Thanks for posting this. I felt the same way about her and Michael Jackson. She really was an icon to us as we grew up in the 70's and 80's.

    Thanks again, this was a great post.

  2. I LOVED YOUR TRIBUTE and the newspapers and the media can learn something from IT. YEs I too think its sad that Micheal is gone but why kick Farrah aside like yesterdays NEws. I LOVED CHARLIES ANGELs thanks for the reminder great pics
    stopping n from sits to say HI

  3. Great tribute! I'm rockin out to MJ and reading all these somber posts tonight...i loved your farrah pics, beautiful!

  4. AMEN! I am so sick to death of every word on t.v. or radio today being only about MJ. Hello? Ed McMahon died also! I have major major problems with MJ anyways. He may have been a music icon but he was a sick man. Amazing that it would overshadow Farrah and Ed. Sorry my rant for the moment.

  5. Wonderful tribute. Farrah was indeed the best "Angel"; an icon when icon meant staying clean, and being classy. She was the bomb. RIP superstar.

  6. Great pictures and I love the tribute. She was my favorite angel but such a really good person too. She will be missed.

  7. what a wonderful tribute to farrah. i thought it was funny and cute that you didn't realize that the show was already cancelled.

  8. Amen, baby! And as far as I'm concerned, she could still ROCK the feather if she wanted. I have a girl crush on her still. Seriously. And MJ was FREAKO but the music world did lose an icon yesterday. : (

  9. loved farrah, loved michael(the michael of my generation, not the one who had slumber parties for little boys)! sad day!

  10. You are right on Target here! She was a class act and will be missed!

  11. I'm sorry about the passing of my fellow Texan, too. The irony surround FF, though, is that once she broke out of the "jiggle TV" mode, she was a heck of a dramatic actress, in roles that usually aren't reserved for beauty queens. RIP, Farah...and MJ, too.

  12. RIP to Farrah and MJ, the world lost two awesome people at once man =(

  13. Awesome post! I love her. I am still in disbelief that both she and MJ passed away...

  14. Great post. I am still a little shocked over the MJ passing. They always say bad things happen in 3s and Ed McMahon died ealrier in the week, 3 70s and 80s icons, wow!

  15. Our local paper had Michael Jackson plastered at the top of the front page. Farrah was on the last page of the B section. Just doesn't seem right.

  16. I love her nike tennis shoes in that last photo!!! Doesn't that just bring back the '80s.