Friday, May 8, 2009

My House Flooded.

It's a tad ironic that I posted a giveaway to help flood victims and then that very same day I became a flood victim myself.

See the great thing about Kansas is that the weather is highly tempermental. One day it could be 80 degree's.. the next snowing. You could have a perfectly nice day and then at night have torrential rains.

Well last night, down came the rain. ALOT of it. The ground was already swollen from two rainstorms this week and this morning at 5 am... well it just couldn't stand it anymore. From 5am to 6:30, it rained 6 inches.

That's alot in 1 1/2 hrs.

The great thing about my apartment is that there is no maintance done to it, no rain gutters, no cleaning the rain spout, no cleaning of the drains on my bottom floor.

Gosh I love living in the ghetto!

SO this morning, I wake up.. Not realizing that it had rained, I get off the bed, and "SMOOOSH".. goes my feet in the carpet. I "smoosh" "smoosh" "smoosh" into the living room to find about an inch of standing water in my house. The house is almost completely flooded. Only the interior spaces that are in the middle are dry. Only about 3 sq ft. Which means Hub's big screen was dry and safe.

That was allll he was worried about.

You could litterlly stomp your foot and water would splash up out of the carpeting.

It was bad.

So I called my landlord at 8am, who said they would be right over to help. Well apparently there version of "right over to help" was 5 1/2 hours later.

The man shop vac'd the water out of the apartment which helped tremendously, but the simple fact of the matter is that the carpet was just on top of the baseboard of the floor. No Padding. Which means that that water sat and soaked into those floorboards for 5 hours.


And I highly doubt they will do any more to help us.

Here's a picture of our front porch, this was after the water had had a chance to receed a bit. See that top part of the yard just over the wall...?? That's where we think the water came from. That piece of ground is so uneven that it holds SO MUCH WATER. We figure that it over flowed over the "retaining" wall.

The person who lives directly in front of that wall had most of her house destroyed. It was way worse than our house.


  1. Snap! That's so not cool! :)

    Hopefully your landlord will take care of you. it is a bit ironic.

  2. Irony can be a fickle bitch! I stole that "fickle bitch" bit from LOST. That sucks. My parent's house flooded once. It was HORRIBLE. It's one of the worst things that can happen to a house, I think. Do you have some sort of Disaster Restorations company back there?? Hopefully insurance? Well, just think, you're renting and you're about ready to ditch this popsicle stand anyway! Hope you have a better weekend... : )

  3. I am so sorry to hear this happened to y'all. How long till you move?? :)

  4. Oh my gosh! Where are you living at in Kansas? We have had a ton of rain! But we live in a mobile home, lol, which for once is a good thing! High enough off the ground, won't flood unless it goes about 5 feet!

  5. You so need to get out of there. You are right that you are going to have mold growing on your mold. I so hope you can move soon.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Yes, Michelle, but in KS we call mobile homes "tornado bait" LOL! Sorry you had to deal with such awful flooding. Our basement has only been a little wet and we have not received nearly as much rain as central and Southern Ks. Thanks for coming by my blog today. I love the photo of the swing!!! I bet my kids would have gotten a kick out of "squishing" thru your place! Oh, my, I am rambling. Should get off and go to bed...

  7. oh my my my....Not good at all. But just think, in just a short while you will be SO outta there!

    BTW I tagged you for a meme.Its on my blog.

  8. Oh No! Well, it's a good thing you are moving soon! I hope you get it all cleaned up alright, and it doesn't rain again!

  9. Visiting from SITS. We had our whole house flood as we arrived back from our honeymoon! The good news was the insurance replaced the floors, etc. but now, five years later, I have a daughter with asthma, we are always sick, and I suspect mold. I'm going to have it tested for sure! Hang in there! Love your blog and the super relaxing music!

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I can't imagine my house being flooded........I hope you'll get it repaired right.
    Have a good day!

  11. Awesome! But soon you'll be far away! lol

  12. Oh honey. So sorry. What a pain!!! Feeling bad for you and praying that the time down there goes quickly and for NO MOLD!