Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tales from the Ghetto

Every Wednesday at approximately 2pm CST, the Gas truck shows up at my apartment complex. At approximately 2:30pm CST, the Cable truck appears. Then 30 minutes later, the Energy truck rolls in.

All making a bee line for the back of the apartments.

Oh yes ladies and gentleman (I think Eskimo Bob is my only male reader), it's SHUT OFF DAY!

Now, with the recent tragedy of the flooding in our apartment, all has been pretty quiet in the ghetto. No loud parties, no crazy soul train dances in the front yard.... Most everyone has been staying in the house getting things cleaned up.

But Wednesday was a nice day.

So my neighbor, who doesn't like people from the church , was outside with her OH SO adorable son and 14 other random people, when the Gas man rolled up. A resounding chorus of "oh no he aint comin here to cut me off" rang through the group.

The Gas man paid them no mind and went to the back to snip there gas off.

As he came back around the building towards his truck, he tripped on our sidewalk.

Tripped and fell hard.

Everyone started to laugh at him.. which I felt bad about.. (I was staring out the window)

Neighbor Girl says, "Well next time you'll think twice about cuttin me off!"

I am scared of her.


The Neighbor boy across the street tried to ride his dog like a horse. Mind you he is 5 years old and his dog is a doberman.. He was saying "Ya! Ya!" and pretending he was riding along.

It was funny. Well I don't think the dog really thought so.

Even more funny when he fell off and the doberman licked him to death. He proceeded to take off all his clothes and run around the front yard.

Those people are strange.

Speaking of dogs and people, Neighbor to the side has been quiet as of late. I was in the bathroom the other day when I saw him out the window. He was standing on the front porch howling.

Maybe like a dog.. Maybe like a wolf.

Not sure. But it was a sound like I'd never heard before.

He did that for a few minutes looked up to the sky and pointed.

I am scared of him too.


Trashcan Man was around the hood the other day, picking up cans and other treasures from the dumpster. I felt honored because Trash is a little bit of a local celeb. I mean to grace our neighborhood with his presence is kinda a big deal.

When I rolled up to the house, he was leaning so far into the dumpster, I was seriously scared he would fall in. He's a short fellow so he's not got alot of ground clearance. All I saw was legs hanging out the side, so he had to have been doing a handstand to stay balanced inside.

He found a lamp, a pair of shoes and a bike tire in there. Big scores for Trash. He seemed pretty stoked about it.

He had a real hard time with the bike tire, because he's on a bike himself. So he had to balance the big bag of cans, the lamp and the tire so he could still ride down the street.

He wasn't doing such a hot job, but he got on the road eventually.

I said hello and smiled at him. I like Trashcan Man. He's got skills..


It bothers me that Single Guy doesn't close his cabinet doors. It also bothers me that he leaves his blinds up and wide open. I am not sure that I want to see what he's doing in there.

He's in a band. He plays alot of air guitar in his living room and he dances around. Every night. Without a shirt... I'm just sayin.

But it's like a train wreck.. I can't help but look.


Well that's all for now. Between you and me faithful readers, secretly.. I love my neighborhood. I haven't had this kind of blog material in a long time. My neighbors are mixed with hardworking people, college kids, very ecentric people and a good mix in between. They except us right along into the craziness. With the floods that happened in our complex, everyone came together to help each other. Both in cleaning up and in staying calm about the situation.

So a big ghetto shoutout to my neighbors!

You are great.


  1. At least your neighbors are interesting. Mine are drama filled rednecks. That's no fun. lol

  2. Hi, visiting from SITS! :)

    I have to say that your neighbours make mine look down right normal and that takes some doing! LOL

  3. Your neighbors are awesome! They provide lots of blog fodder! I love it! We have a version of trashcan man in our town. He's Popcan man. He actually collected enough cans and junk and stuff that he was able to BUY A HOUSE! Now that's pretty darn ... can't remember the word. You fill in the blank since I'm a dweeb.
    Macey : )

  4. LMAO! I love the way you tell s atory and describe people. :)

  5. I am loving how descriptive your writing is...I feel like I know each one of your neighbors of someone like them.
    visiting from sits

  6. Oh my gosh, that's your best post yet! Totally laughed myself right off my chair. I LOVE people! I miss living in the city sometimes just because of the characters! Your neighborhood sound like it rocks. Can I come visit? :)

  7. Do you live down the steet from me? Seriously.... if so, I wonder which one of those neighbors I am.. :)

  8. Following your blog!

    Late but never forgotten! Have a great weekend my fellow sitstahs!

    Camp Sock Monkey

  9. Do you just stare out your window instead of watching t.v.?

  10. HAHA!! Totally made me laugh OUT LOUD!!! Jeff has had things happen at work this week that it totally Alaskan and would totally fit with this blog! I really wish I could blog about his happenings myself- but would hate to put my sweet hubby in any kind of jeoapardy with his job. Yeah- it was pretty bad but pretty Fairbanks, too- so you just shake your head and laugh!
    I can't wait til you get here!

  11. Neighbors????
    You have neighbors??????? LOL

  12. I want to come over and enjoy your much would it suck to be a gas man???? thanks for the good read. heidi

  13. I'm gonna post pictures of the sky later on! The sky was amazing though!

  14. Stopping over from SITS! I am now a Follower. Your blog is great. Hope you will visit me.

  15. Where the heck do you live girl?!

  16. My, my, my do you live in a saucy neighborhood. I have only one neighbor to complain about but since we have a young family and we're not sure what their "into" over there, whenever something questionable comes along we just crank up some Dressy Bessy or Sesame Street podcasts and rock out or learn a new word along with the kids. Hang in there, and nice optimism on the ghetto lemons to lemonade of at least they give you blog content! :o)

    My best, Lynn

  17. wow, if I lived in your neighborhood I'd get nothing done because I think I would be spying on everyone just a little too often!!

  18. Great post; visiting from the SITS comments! I'm home all day and have a great view of some unholy ghetto behavior across the street. I should write about it! AND there's a tai chi group who do their moves super early in the morning between the townhomes. I usually feel peaceful watching them, and don't even have to do the moves!.

  19. He's in a band. He plays alot of air guitar in his living room and he dances around. Every night. Without a shirt... I'm just sayin.

    But it's like a train wreck.. I can't help but look.

    My neighbor also likes struts around half naked, and it is not a beautiful sight. Not at all. I am constantly trying to think up scenarios as to how I can get him to dress up… how I would approach him and offer him some funky shirts etc, without getting it to blow up in my face.

    On the other hand, I want to offer him a two year gym membership, or get him a personal trainer,… that way I would at least enjoy the view!

    Ps. Have a fabulous SITs Sunday!

  20. who needs cable when you've got neighbors like that?!?! that is awesome!

  21. We used to live in a neighborhood that could be called the ghetto. And we loved it. I had a lot of respect for those hardworking people. And...I was scared of some of them too! ha ha

  22. OK this post seriously cracked me up!!! I think I need to do one about my neighbors... but I think a few of them read my blog... so maybe not! haha