Friday, May 1, 2009

The Hubs: The First Dude of our Family.

I keep really thinking about what I love the most about my husband. I just really love the man that he has become. Every year when we celebrate our anniversary, I always look at him and think about the year before. Each year there is always so much more about him, so many more dimensions.

What I love this year about him, is how much of a dreamer he has become. When I first met him, I really think that all his life, he thought he would be nothing more than a jailer, who lived with his momma. He had never been encouraged to open his mind past his diseases or his health problems, to see that he could move mountains all on his own. He has become a man who is the leader of his own life. He is the leader of our family and he takes that position very seriously.

He is strong, couragous and deeply thoughtful. It's the little parts of him that make all the wonderful things about my man.

He's had a hard time. He and his mother are a cross roads. I love him for the way he's handled all of those situations with courage, grace and dignity, when I know it's killing him inside.

Sometimes I don't think he feels like anyone believes in him. But I do. I believe that he can do anything he puts his mind too. He can do amazing things... he WILL do amazing things.

When I met my husband, he was shy, a little timid. Didn't have alot of confidence in himself. But now I see this man has a spark in him that shines SO bright, it's never going to burn out. It makes me SO proud to be his wife.

Alaska is going to be an amazing turning point in my husband's life. He has never looked at anything with more excitement, since I have known him.

I can't wait to go along and see what happens.


  1. Hubs sounds like quite the man! Such a stud!

  2. Thanks for the sweet post! Cool to get to know another Kansas gal too!!

  3. Congrats! It sounds like you chose well. It is nice to be able to call your husband your best friend. Makes the fun times more fun and the bad times more bearable.

  4. I hope you and hubs are liking Alaska!

    Your husband sounds like my hubby. He sometimes lacks self confidence but when he applies himself he can get anything done. He was also shy when we first met but now...he speaks his mind (when I don't do it for him)!

    Good luck with everything!