Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hubs.. Defending my Honor.

I work til 7 am.

So obviously I sleep during the day.

This doesn't work so well when you have two very noise neighbors on each side of you.

If I wanted to go to a Jay-Z concert, I'd pay the 99.95 for a ticket.

Today, however, before I went home to bed, I need to run some errands. Had to. I'd literally put off way to much this week that couldn't be put off any longer. SO instead of going right to sleep with Hubs, I got the errands done and did some running around town.

I finally made it back home, deciding that I wasn't quite ready for bed yet. I am reading the last book in the Twillight Series (looove it) and I decided to sit down and read a few chapters before bed.

Well a few chapters turned into like 3 hours of reading... I mean really, that Edward.. he's darn appealing.. I couldn't stop..!

It's now well into the afternoon, when I decide that sleep must happen or I was going to pay for it later. So at 1 pm, I head to bed.

At 2:30pm, my eyes SNAP open. "Boom, Boom, BOOM!" "H to the izzo, G to the izza, Put Yo hands up!"


The music is so loud that my wall is vibrating, thus shaking my head board, thus shaking me! It was like being in one of those cheap hotel rooms that you can put quarters in the machine to make the bed shake around.


Hubs, who had already gotten up to eat some lunch came into the bedroom and started doing his "white boy gangster" impression in a lame attempt to make me a tad less angry.

It wasn't happening.

I was awake. I was awake after only 1 1/2 hrs of sleep. I was mad. No scratch that, I was seething with anger.

Hubs was aware of that look. The "if you don't do something right now, heads are gonna roll" look that he often gets when he has done something very bad. He quickly stops dancing around and says..

"Stay in bed. Let me handle it."

So he goes over to the neighbors house. Within seconds the music is cut off. When he comes back I asked him what he said to them to make them stop.

"Well I just told them that he should be happy it was me at the door. If it was you, welllll he didn't want to have THOSE kinds of problems. I am legally bound to like you and if you had to come and tell them to pipe down.. well he wouldn't like that very much.. "

Haha thanks. I love you too.


  1. Ha, y'all sound like us...hubs is SO the nice one.

  2. LOL!!! I hope now you can get some sleep without Hova screaming in your ear and rattling your bed!

    Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day--it meant the world to me!

  3. You crack me up!! For your sake I wish you were exaggerating...but I am sure your not! That is the same way it would go down at my house. (and frequently does, it just usually involves kids)

  4. lol that is two funny! Good for the hubby!

  5. LOL how funny.

    My husband used to work nights and sleep during the day and he hated when neighbors would be noisy.

  6. is it wrong that i think your post is about how edward is awesome? which he totally is LOL
    breaking dawn is my absolute fav book!

    no, srsly, i am soooo thankful we don't have loud neighbors, because i don't think either the hubs or myself would say anything....i know, lame.

  7. How sweet! He's your Edward. You know the way you did that with the pics, first Dreamy Edward...ahhh, so cool, so hot...BOOM. JAY Z. Yuck. I think I can see exactly how crappy that was.
    Macey : )

  8. Nice! Sometimes I have to be held back too. My temper always gets the better of me.

  9. LOL! What a great post. I just love your blog to pieces! That pic you've got of Eric Bana...YUM...I.Love.Him!

    Stopping by from SITS to wish a fellow SITSta a WONDERFUL MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!!!


  10. Nice! I could actually picture him doing those moves...too funny!

  11. Great photo (the last one)!! I used to live in an apartment with paper walls and the "frosted blond screamer" lived on the other. It was as if our beds shared the same headboard. Then I got a new job and saw her walking toward me down the hall. Nearly lost it!

  12. I am so thankful that I survived just 6 months of appartment life with no incidents such as yours. I hope you got some zzzzs in this afternoon!

  13. Well Rocksee, since you are a vampire, you would fit in well here in Vegas. So you better win the SITScation so I can come visit you at the Venetian!

  14. That is hilarious! I love your blog! stopping by from SITS

  15. Thanks for visiting me! Nice to meet you too!! x