Thursday, May 14, 2009

Friday Shoutouts..

Ok, I've begun to notice recently that I am bad friend.

Seriously. I suck at friendships. With my job and all the things going on to prepare for Alaska and my house flooding.. it's been hard to connect with my good friends. Real hard.

Ok, that's just an excuse.

I need to be trying harder.

Yesterday I was just really mad and I was stomping all around town (because now that I am all on a healthy me kick I walk---everywhere when I am mad) and I was trying really hard to shrug off my bad mood.

I was thinking.. Geez.. I should call... Ok.. really who am I gonna call?? I don't call anyone. I don't.. and nobody calls me. Nobody but my momma has called me in like alot of days.

I am a sucky friend.

So I am gonna try alot harder.. and I just wanted to give a shout out to some people who I have been neglecting.

Traci-- we will go and get pedi's before I leave. I promise you that. Seriously.. how many times can we cancel on each other?? There has to be a limit to that.

Mandy T-- I am totally out of the loop on wedding planning. I miss you!

Jamie H (in NC)- Girl I miss us talking. I miss hearing from you!!!

Jamie H (in MO)- One Tree Hill is just not the same w/o our telephone dates. I almost called you Monday, but I wasn't sure if you were watching.

Dana- Sushi and Maurices. Pronto!

Who needs a Friday Shoutout in your life??

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