Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Extreme Makeover -- Me Edition

Hola ladies!
How are you guys?? Things are good for me over in the hood! As far as weight this, right on track, again no gains, but no losses either. Working out, I have been doing ok. Walked about 3 miles each night this week. Hoo-Rah to me!
Tonight however I did almost get bit by a dog on my way home from my walk. Obviously, in my hood, tying up your dogs isn't really a priority.
I was about 20 steps from my house when (we'll call him Chopper) came out from behind the house where the crazy kid who rides his dog lives. I didn't think alot about Chopper, because he was so small. But he darted towards me and was growlng and snapping right at my legs. I was
SURE he was gonna bite me. He turns and runs into the street- Growling and hissing at me.
I stood so still.
I needed to change my pants. I think I tinkled a little.
I hid behind a tree like a little punk girl.
Ok, well I am a girl. But this dog scared me more than Kate Gosselin on a rampage. Now I know what Jon must feel like. Dang!

So here I am whimpering behind this tree.. Here's Chopper in the street just threating to make a move. I know I can't outrun him the block to my house. I'm still kinda fat and slow..

I call Hubs. "Hubs where is the pepper spray? I am being held hostage by a damn dog! I am right here on the corner by our mailboxes!"
Hubs: "Huh?"
(I never claimed he was quick.)
Hubs: "Where are you?"
Hubs: "Ok, Ok, I see you.. Why do you need the pepper spray?"
(Seriously Ladies..I can't take him sometimes)
By this time, I had gotten fed up and hung up. So I turn and look and apparently my yelling had scared Chopper away. If I had ONLY YELLED SOONER!
So maybe I need to do my walks with a little more protection.
Pepper Spray, body armor.. a baseball bat.. I'll be set! Nobody ever said workin out was easy!
The question this week over at EMME:
Name your Guilty Pleasure: Thing of a healthier choice you could use as a substitute.
Ok immediately I am not thinking food here. I mean since I've started out with my diabeties I've sort of lost interest in bad food. I don't mean that to sound snotty or uppity or anything.. But really ladies if I eat the bad food, I feel so sick that I never wanna eat it again. It's a complete turn off.
Heres My List:
Pedicures on Tuesdays-----------I love my time with Jason and Rita, sitting in the spa chair.
What could I be doing??? Walking, running, doing a class at the gym.
Coffee----------Coffee has taken the place of chocolate for me. It's my weakness. I will try any coffee once. I will pay .95 to 7.00 for a good cup of joe. I like places that have very rare coffee's.. stuff you wouldn't expect to find in KS.
What should I be drinking..?? MORE WATER!! H20
Reading books in the park--------------I do this alot. I get a new book from the library and I head to the park to read when it's nice. I maybe do this a tad too much. What am I a lady of leisure??
What should I be doing?? Playing in the park instead of lounging around!
Other Guilty Pleasures I need to just avoid all together:
*9.00 Beauty Control Lotion. It smells good, but you know you have a problem when you wanna lick your legs.
*Betty Crocker Chocolate Whipped Lip Balm. It makes everything I drink or eat taste like chocolate. I am putting it on far to much. I maybe eating it in my sleep. Who knows?
* Online Shopping. I need to get up and go to the store and walk around. That would be helpful on the calories and then I would be too tired to actually buy anything.
*Hair Products.
* Tropical Snow. The one actual "Food" thing that I am addicted to. Basically it's shaved ice with flavoring. I have one small a week. When they know your name and what you want. That's kinda a problem.
Ok ladies good luck this week!


  1. Good for you - 3 miles a night!!! That's one of my goals - to create a time to walk in the evenings.

    I'm a fellow coffee lover, but there is ONE coffee I will never try - luwak coffee! If you've never heard of it, do a google search. Eww. :)

    I had a good laugh at your predicament with the dog and trying to get your husband to rescue you! I've had moments like that (never quite as dramatic as being chased by a dog) when I just wanted to say "You don't need all the details, just please do this for me!!!"

    I'm glad you didn't get bitten.

    Jenny Sue

  2. You are awesome!!! Love the story about the dog, and glad you did not get bitten! Way to go on the walking, that is great!

    Have a wonderful week!

  3. Yikes, you may need to find a different walking route! :) Seriously, that is awesome that you've been walking 3 miles each night. Way to go!

  4. I am still laughing at the Kate Gosselin reference, haha. You crack me up Rox!

  5. That is the exact reason I don't exersize! I'm afraid of potential mean dogs! Um, yeah...that's it!
    You are too cute, you are addicted to a fat free food you know? Shaved ice? Flavoring? Full of sugar, but no fat!
    Awesome job on the walking!! If I walked that far, you can bet it was because something disastrous has just happened and I'm gonna need an ambulance soon.
    Macey : )

  6. So glad the dog got scared away. Men are clueless sometimes. It's funny hearing it second hand but not so funny to live it.

    Great job on the 3 miles!! You go girl!!

    Good luck this week!

    Much love from NJ,

  7. I am loving that you were able to channel your frustration with your husband into a dog-scaring weapon. Next time he makes you mad, see if you can lift a small object just by thinking about it. So funny. (BTW, kick the dog if it runs at you again. Not cool.)
    Good job with your 3 miles and how brilliant are you to think of non-food guilty pleasures. Duh. That didn't even dawn on me.

  8. You crack me up! One of the best posts I've read all day!

    3 miles each night is awesome! Your lip balm addiction reminds me of when I find my 2 year old hidden in the corner eating the lipsmackers she sneaks out of her sister's drawer!

    I hate loose dogs...Kick it like viv said!

  9. 3 miles a night?!? you go girl!!
    I am NOT doing good on the whole working out thing.
    I have WW weigh in tonight...keeping my fingers crossed for a LOSS this week...but i'm not very confident :(....I really need to get it together! AHHH

  10. I think you deserve every guilty pleasure you listed!! You're doing great!!

  11. I mapped out a 2 mile route around my neighborhood last night. Now I just need to get the heck out of my house!

    Great job! With your walking AND taming the wild shrew that is Chopper!

  12. Good for you for walking! I would have been bawling like a baby if that happend to me. We have a black lab but I do not go near dogs I don't know because I did get bit when I was younger. Your post made me laugh.

  13. You ARE alive! Thank goodness!!

    Haven't seen you in a while. Popped in to check on you. Glad you're doing fabulous!


  14. A dog as scary as Kate Gosselin? Wow! You are fortunate to have escaped alive!

    Good for you for walking your three miles a day {and battling crazy dogs}! We're getting a puppy in a little less than a month and I'm hoping that having a pup to walk will ensure that I get my cardio in.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. I love the part where you talk about being more scared than faced with Kate Gosslin on a rampage.

    I love your list!! I love that most of your things are non food related!! That's awesome!!

    Beware of that shaved ice though, girl. Make sure you get the sugar free {you probably do} but my parents do shaved ice, and it has TONS of sugar in it. I mean, gallons. Plus the syrup had tons of sugar. Don't want you to go into diabetic shock! :)

  16. W000 HOOOO three miles an evening!! Thats great. And I love your list, so thorough. Online shopping is just almost the only way to go anymore, especially if you are not a size 6 regular that ALL stores seem to have in stock.