Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Extreme Makeover, Me Edition.

I did really bad this week. Really really bad. With my house flooding and the 5 days it took to get that back to normal, a shift change at work and a very cranky husband at home.. I just have not done well. The eating is bad. The exercise is worse. Girls.. I am just at a loss this week. I want to get back on my normal routine, but it's very hard. And after this week I am not very motivated.

However.. with that.. I didn't gain. I took some pictures below and especially the one with my friend and the officer, I thought I really could notice a difference as far as how skinny my face is getting.

But just the same ole ususal plateau. I guess that's better than gaining. Hmm..

The question for this week's edition was: POST A PICTURE OF SOMEONE WHO MOTIVATES YOU.

Well I have no intentions of being thin. It just doesn't appeal to me. Like 115 lbs, I have decided, would probably be psychially impossible for me to do or feel very comfortable in. I really like being fluffy, but just not TUBBY. I want to have a strong muscular body, with alot of curves..

So the person I look up to as far as looks go.. is the Queen herself.. Queen Latifah. I think she is incredibly beautiful and I would give 6 trillion bucks to have her body!

Good luck this week ladies!


  1. Oh, I do understand how life's annoying dips and speed bumps can throw me onto the sofa and into a bag of chips. But I love your comment about liking "fluffy" but not tubby. Tomorrow I will aspire to be fluffy. And yeah, The Queen is one fine lady.

    Hang in there. Tomorrow you get to choose again.

  2. A friend once told me-you can start your day over at any time.

    That's a great photo of Queen Latifah.

  3. Oh Rocksee, I sooo feel you, girl! I too am fed up with my "muffin top" so I'm trying to eat healthy, control my portions and excercise more. I've never been able to drop the baby weight I gained after having my daughter and she's 10! I agree, Queen Latifah looks great with her curves. She looks great in the picture you posted, is that a recent photo?

  4. you can do it.....we all have those'll get there no problem....Happy SITS day

  5. I love the Queen! She is great inspiration.

  6. No gain, I think that's encouraging. You can't be perfect all the time.

    The Queen is looking hot in that picture!! Great inspiration!!

    Good luck to having a better week :)

    xoxo ~Lisa

  7. Well....I GAINED thsi week, so you are doing better than me!! PLUS you had lots of excuses to be "bad" and I had none...I am am proud of you for maintaining!!

    Good luck next week...and wish me luck too, cause I need motivation is lacking!!

  8. Aww you did have a rough week!! Cut yourself some slack. The motivation will come back. I'm been very lazy for the past 2 weeks. I'm hoping to get my groove back on this week.

    Good luck this week. I hope you have a better week!!

    Much love from NJ,

  9. That's awesome that you didn't gain weight! If I'm not losing, I'm gaining! You're beautiful, I've seen your pics and I want to look more like you than me! : )
    I'd settle for Queen Latifah though too, she is very pretty too!

  10. I hate when life gets in the way of my well made plans!

    Like Tricia says....tomorrow you get to choose again! Tomorrow is a new day and you will do better.

    Have a great week!

  11. Hey Roxy! I nominated you for a blog award. Come on over to my site to grab it!

  12. That is a gorgeous picture of Queen Latifa. I think her size is awesome. I dont' want to be too thin either. I still want a little curve too.

  13. Queen Latifah is amazing! I'll go post who inspires me in a moment!
    Read your quote for the week, that should answer any insecurities you have for this week of trouble. Believe God, Believe in yourself, you CAN do this!!!

  14. What a fabulous picture of Queen Latifah! She's a great inspiration to women of all sizes!:)

  15. Today is a new day! See, told ya! ;)