Friday, April 17, 2009

What Hacks You Off Driving?

Seriously ladies.. I do not live in a big town.

Traffic.. is well kinda a funny term in the city that I live. There is NO real traffic, but people act like we live in Chicago or something.

Today. Driving down one of the bigger roads in our town I was stuck behind a 109 year old lady in a Crown Victoria in the fast lane (hack off #1) then I pulled into the slow lane to pass her and SHE SPEEDS UP, and moves over in front of me.


So I move over to the fast lane to try to pass her.. the dirty ole bird did it again!!!

MOVE OVER and stay OVER!

I think she knew I was mad, so she just did it to be a meanie..

What ticks you off while driving??


  1. I try not to let things get to me too much when I drive... I like to keep my road rage down. :)

    But Jared gets mad all the time at people. Especially when you are cruisin' down a 2-lane highway (like, let's say Hwy 47 through Girard) and someone waits until you are right THERE to turn onto the road right in front of you and then they REFUSE to speed up quickly to meet your speed. This then involves you slamming on your breaks. Could they NOT have waiting for you to pass and then turn? GEEZ! Jared usually gets right up on their asses and honks at them and then passes angrily a little later with his middle finger in the air. Ah, driving! :)

  2. When people don't use their turn signals!

    I mean, it's so easy to flick your wrist and show other drivers where you are going. But most people around here don't do it. Yet they find the time to text and drive. Hrm.

  3. Here in Tulsa- people have NO clue what to do when you are entering the freeway- they refuse to move over and you end up on the shoulder of the road! It happens EVERY time I'm out and about!

  4. Hmmm....this is gonna be a long list..hahaha! Just kidding. It drives me nuts when people enter the freeway at 40-50 miles an hour. I am like..hello...we have to merge with people going 60-70. Or the people who won't turn on a red when they clearly can. Other than that...I usually handle myself okay when driving. The huby is a whole different story.

    "The dirtyole bird" LOL..too funny!

    Have a fabulous weekend!!

  5. Girl- we are SO having lunch when you arrive in Fairbanks!!! You are definitely one of my greatest finds in the blogging world!! :D

  6. I hate disrespect! It really irks me when people think they deserve to be on the road more then I do. But nothing makes me more angry then when people cut me off or tail-gate me when I have my babies in the car -- I have like 3 of those Baby on Board signs -- so BACK OFF!

  7. Oh, where to begin? Tailgating, and people who have no idea how 4-way stop signs work, are 2 of my biggies.

  8. Man, my biggest pet peeve is people that are NOT PAYING ATTENTION. I mean, seriously, how hard is it? I know that's a broad peeve, but mah gawd. I'm never surprised at how completely aloof people are when they drive. WTF?