Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tornados. Dorothy, I don't want to be in KS anymore!

People ask me all the time why I want to move to Alaska. I mean literally.. ALL the TIME. I have a mulitude of answers that I give back, depending on my moods. Theres the people, the snow, the cold, the dark.. all things I love very much!

But what's funny is people seem to forget where we live. Kansas. Seriously kids, TORNADO ALLEY. Do you stay here because you love the tornados??

During tornado season, we have tornado watches like every single day. Do realize what that's like? I mean, just like you I've seen the Wizard of Oz millions of times.. and when I read TORNADO WATCH I have visions of my house being swooped off into the sky. (which, well probably wouldn't be a huge loss, but you get what I am saying)

I hate HATE HATE the idea of a tornado. I mean I am 24, er.. ok 29 years old.. and seriously, eventually luck does run out.

Last year Hubs and I did see a small tornado peek down from the clouds for about 5 minutes, then swoop back up. That was the SCARIEST moment of my life. Tornados can kill you before you even know what happened.

My step father was in the Hesston Kansas tornado in 1990. (heres a little picture of that event)

Blew that town off the map. Litterally, everything was gone. They had to build it back from the groud up. My father drove a small red pickup at the time. When it was all over and everyone came out, that truck was in a tree down the street.

It's not anything to play around with.

And at my job now, I am responsible for the tornado signalling and weather warnings. I take that duty VERY seriously, because I have just seen too many great towns of my childhood, blown to bits by these things.

Obviously Alaska has every kind of weather imaginable and I am FINE with that. Excited, Estatic, THRILLED. But one of the biggest weather draws that Alaska has, is NO TORNADOS!


So guys, what kinds of weather really freak you out??


  1. Alaska is just awaiting for you folks! I mean - never mind our own little weather anomalies like: Snow in late April, Earthquakes, Rock slides, 100 mph winds and oh yeah - the volcano, but that's kinda cool. Because how often do you have toxic rocks rain down from the sky?

    See you soon!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Yes we're a true Alaskan family who has just taken on one of the biggest projects of our lives, restoring that 1940's cabin! And to top it off we have 3 boys & a dog...oh and the middle child is begging for a kitten.
    What part of Alaska will you be living in? If you move to the Fairbanks/North Pole area I will be glad to take you out for a night in the town with all my awesome girl friends! I'll show you why so many women have those 'Alaskan Girls Kick Ass' bumper stickers up here....

  3. I hear ya. We used to live in Indiana, maybe 1 tornado watch a year. Now we live in TN and have had some serious threats already. I recently learned that we are in Dixie Alley which is 2nd to Tornado Alley. That didn't make me very happy. Even the thought of losing everything to a tornado scares me to death.

  4. Such a great job you have I seriously love it :-) Stopping by from SITS and wishing you a tornado free season, love: Evi

  5. Wow!! I am right there with ya! Tornados scare the poop out of me! One hit here in Raleigh when was about 11 and a friend from school was killed...since then I hyperventilate whenever we have a bad thunderstorm...and I too am 24..errr 29...errr okay..I am 32!

  6. oh, you are funny. Tornados definately freak m out, too. I'd never want to live in KS...BUT, i have lived in Alaska. And, I'd never want to do that again. (mainly because it rained AN ENTIRE SUMMER there...and i just plain didn't like it all that much.) Cool place to visit though! Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I tagged you on my blog...come check out your award!!

  7. I guess a tornado warning would freak me out. And driving in a hailstorm does it too.

  8. I agree that I would be petrified of a tornado. I live up North in Massachusetts and the worst weather we get would be blizzards. I'm not too afraid of them though, I find them quite peaceful. I am very afraid of the effects of too much rain. I think it's because of my fear of drowning, but when it rains heavily for days at a time my mind can go crazy and all I can see is the water swallowing us all up. Weird? Thanks for stopping by my blog and I look forward to hearing all about your adventures of Alaska!

  9. I promise you will miss the tornados when they are gone. The exhiliration of spring storms in the midwest is pretty awesome.

    Good luck with your move and thanks for stopping by my blog.

  10. Wow, I would be freakin out if I were livnig in Kansas! Those probably freak me out the most!